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Hi! I’m the Night Al! …well, more commonly known as Ali. I’m so happy you visited my blog and that you want to know more about me. (Stalker, much? Kidding. :)) What’s to know?

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I live in the great state of Texas with my middle school crush turned high school and college (Gig ’em, Aggies!) sweetheart turned wonderful husband. We’re seriously soulmates that never fight and enjoy every minute we spend together. For once, I’m not being sarcastic! He’s the greatest.


My family is completely amazing. My parents give the Cleavers a run for their money. My gorgeous older sister got married and produced the two cutest children ever to live. When we’re all together we just laugh for hours and hours…I’m so lucky they’re mine! (Yes, we recreated the Brady Bunch intro for our Christmas card…need more proof how great they are?)


I love all things Disney (parks, movies, music, Walt), listen to Christmas music year-round, can get wrapped up in any TV show in about 4 minutes flat, and have never said no to reading some young adult fiction (late 20s is still a young adult right?). I’m super hilarious, and I try to show that in my writing sometimes. KIDDING. #humility*

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I write everything from makeup reviews (which promise to provide lots of awkward selfies) to adventures with my hubbs (#TraveLANG) to recipes to whatever my little heart desires! Grab a Dr. Pepper, get comfy, and enjoy my Hoots!

You can stalk me more here, you creeper, you:

Email: ali @ hootsofanightal .com



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Snapchat: mrsalilang

*Disclaimer: I know that hashtags don’t function on here, and, while using hashtags outside of their intended purpose used to annoy me to no end, I’ve learned to embrace it.


  1. Hi can I ask what other makeup products you are using in your post from last year about Revlon Colorstay in Buff. Especially what you use under the foundation? xx Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! I typically use this foundation without a primer, but when I use one, I often use the Monistat Chafing Gel (even though it isn’t a primer, it works great!). I also used the Physician’s Formula bronzer, which I’ve reviewed on my blog before, and MAC blush in Peachykeen. I hope that helps!

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