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Goofy snaps aside (I’m mrsalilang on Snapchat, by the way), this review is about my experience at the new Blo Blow Dry Bar in San Antonio. Blo’s whole mentality is “no cuts, no color,” meaning they strictly deal with washing and styling your hair.


I immediately loved Blo’s crisp decor, which was chic gray and white with fun pops of pink! Fresh flowers, instagram-worthy wall phrases, and bright, clean styling stations greet you when you walk in.


Once I checked in, I was greeted by my stylist who offered me a drink and asked what style I was looking to achieve. Blo offers 7 signature styles to choose from, but you can alter them to your liking or ask for something else completely. We talked about my hair type (mega straight and smooth) and what I wanted before she took me back to wash my hair.


After washing my hair, we returned to the styling station to get started. My sweet stylist (or “Bloer” as Blo refers to them), chatted with me as she combed my hair and began blowdrying.


During my style, she used a wide range of products, all from the Unite haircare line. She started with the 7SECONDS Detangler, aptly named because, you guessed it, it starts detangling your hair in only 7 seconds.


She used a round brush to completely blow dry and smooth my hair before curling it with a straightening iron after spraying each section with TEXTURIZA Spray. After all of my hair was curled, she went in with the EXPANDA Dust on my roots to tease and give me some volume. Finally, with some GO365 Hairspray, I was finished!


What do you think? Considering how naturally straight my hair is, I was amazed at what they achieved with the right products and tools! My hair had so much volume and curl, and it’s currently several hours later and still holding strong! My stylist told me some people come in once a week to have their hair washed and styled and don’t wash their hair until they return the next week! I think that’s a great testament to how well their styling techniques work, but I also think that’s sort of gross? My hair gets oily about 10 seconds after I wash it though, so I don’t think I’ll ever understand the magical mystery of people with dry hair!


The style closest to what I chose is “Pillow Talk,” and my stylist said this is one of their most popular styles. I can see why! I felt so glamorous all day, and I think a visit to Blo would be a relaxing treat for anyone.


If you’re looking for somewhere to get a fun updo, some beautiful curls for date night, or a pretty braid for Girl’s Night Out, I definitely recommend Blo! Here is the location I visited (which is having their grand opening this weekend!), but there are several across the United States.

Happy Saturday!

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Tangle Teezer AKA The Official Brush of Disney Princesses



If you’ve read any of my posts that are littered with selfies, you’ve probably seen that I have long hair. Half of the time I feel like Merida because my tangles are so bad that I have to rip out half of my hair to get rid of them.

1 Merida

If I decide I don’t want to rip out half of my hair, it takes me as long as Rapunzel to brush out each and every knot.

7 Rapunzel

Unfortunately, I don’t have any animal friends to manage my hair for me à la Pocahontas.

8 Poca

Enter: Tangle Teezer. I snagged this little brush for about $9 at Target a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been a serious game changer.


The Tangle Teezer was invented by a UK hairstylist, and it is without a doubt the best brush I’ve ever used. I think one of the best things about it is the fact that it can be used on wet or dry hair. I use it both when I get ready in the morning and to brush in my leave-in conditioner after showering.


It doesn’t even matter whether I’ve had my hair wadded up all day or been walking through a wind tunnel (What? Just go with it.), the Tangle Teezer glides through my hair like a hot knife through a stick of butter. I think it may be due to the fact that it has 1.8 million bristles. (Note: I have not, in fact counted the bristles.) It’s also great because I’ve noticed I’m pulling out far fewer hairs when I brush than when I use a regular paddle brush.


One thing I had to get used to was the fact that it didn’t have a handle, but now that I’ve been using it for a bit, I don’t even notice. Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s not meant to be used with heat, so don’t plan on using it while you style your hair. Also, it sort of bugs me that the name is Tangle Teezer since teasing your hair is literally the act of tangling it, but that’s just a personal note. I would have preferred Tangle Terminator, but there may have been some copyright issues.


So, if you’re sick of wasting hours being careful not to yank out your knotted hair, go pick up your own Tangle Teezer! You’ll be smiling like Jasmine in no time!

10 Jasmine

And Ariel! Except…no, not Ariel. She’s lookin’ kinda crazy here. Someone get that girl a Tangle Teezer.

11 Ariel

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