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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” -Anne Frank

And when you can improve the world on your weekly grocery shopping trip, why wouldn’t you? …but I’m getting ahead of myself. If you are blessed enough to live in the great state of Texas, you have graced the hallowed doors of H-E-B. Next time you’re there, head over to the H-E-B Blooms section and seek out the Global Purpose display. You won’t be disappointed.

Global Purpose is owned and operated by native-Texan Kaylynn Jordan and her husband Jon Jordan, and assists others in achieving more sustainable and humane practices. According to their company, they provide “education and income opportunities for women and children living in vulnerable communities, including India, Haiti, and Uganda.” Can you imagine impacting that many lives with your weekly trip to buy groceries?

Global Purpose was kind enough to send me a sari scarf, wooden bangles, and a drawstring bag from their Village Artisan line, and each item is beautifully handmade by women in India. I loved reading about some of their artisans and what an impact this opportunity has made in their communities. It’s not a coincidence that I’m sharing their mission on International Women’s Day. A quick story about one of their artists, Uzma shows the strong affect she has on her fellow artisans: “Not only does she teach the kantha stitch but she, with her life, teaches them to believe in themselves, to work hard and honestly, and to treat others with dignity and love.” Doesn’t that sound like the kind of person you want to support with your purchases?

If there is anyone that deserves attention today, it’s purchase with purpose companies like Global Purpose. They are directly impacting the lives of others by creating positive change in communities that need it. I’m so thankful I learned about their incredible work, and I cannot wait to purchase more of their items the next time I visit H-E-B. I hope you’ll do the same!

If you want to learn more about Global Purpose, you can find them online here:





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Purpose Box

Purpose Box 1

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” -Albert Schweitzer

This Schweitzer quote personifies the mission behind Purpose Box. Creator Jolie Gray, acted on her own desire to “do something,” and this amazing initiative is the result. Purpose Box is a bi-monthly mail subscription box filled with purchase with purpose items.

Purpose Box 2

Each item is hand-selected with the constant mindset of helping others. Every product in the box has been extensively researched and has its own mission to help others in need. Also, each Purpose Box, has its own purpose. Shocking, right? 😉 Each individual box supports a different cause. So far they have supported adoptions, birth mother retreats, and NICU nesting suites, among others.
Purpose Box 4.1

Recently, I attended a wonderful event to celebrate Purpose Box’s 2nd Anniversary, and I got to see some of the amazing items they distribute firsthand. The items pictured above are what we all received in our swag boxes, and let me say, they were such a treat!

Purpose Box 4.5

The items ranged from beautiful stationary to adorable accessories to tasty treats and more! I couldn’t believe the wide array of products available that support so many different causes. It made me realize how easy it can be to shop with purpose every day.

Purpose Box 4.6

Being the lucky duck that I am, I also won a previous Purpose Box shipment! I was so delighted, because it was filled with even more amazing things! The items pictured below were received by purchasers of the most recent Purpose Box. Each Purpose Box is $40, and from my calculations, the value of what you receive is well above $40.

Purpose Box 5

The selected pieces are diverse, well-made, and actually useful items. Plus, I love that it has things like this Project 7 Rainbow Ice gum, which I can buy at my local HEB. Without Purpose Box, I never would have thought to pick it up because I didn’t realize it sponsors Anti-bullying Programs for kids (plus it tastes delicious!). Part of the idea behind Purpose Box is to encourage people to shop more mindfully and purchase for-purpose items whenever they can.

Purpose Box 6

Possibly the most important part of each Purpose Box is a card letting the buyer know what cause is being supported that month, as well as what each item supports. This particular box said it “helped provide sustainable employment and quality of life for those in developing countries, give back to seven areas of need both in the US and abroad, fight ovarian cancer, provide business education for women, and provide gifts of gratitude for those enduring medical treatments, returning vets, and/or teachers.” Whew! Yes! ALL of that is being supported with just ONE box! Pretty amazing, right?

Also, ALL of the proceeds from that month’s Purpose Box went to OneHope27, which helps aid in the Foster care crisis. Yes, ALL of the proceeds.

Purpose Box 9

It could not be more clear to me that Jolie’s mission with Purpose Box is so pure. Her idea has already supported so many remarkable organizations, and I can’t wait to see what inspiring groups she will partner with in the future. Plus, if the prospect of helping that many people doesn’t get you excited (are you crazy??), she’s a fellow Aggie, so that should be reason enough. 😉

Purpose Box 10

Thank you Jolie, for starting such a remarkable business and sharing your passion with everyone! If any of my readers are interested in purchasing their own Purpose Box or any of the items I pictured above, I will include all of the links below! Purpose Box is bi-monthly, and they sell out very quickly, so make sure to sign up to find out when the next shipment is ready for purchase! Besides, what could be better than receiving a box of things you’ll love in the mail?? Oh wait, I know. Knowing that each and every item included helped someone in need. So amazing.

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