It's Just Another Manicure Monday: Sinful Colors Sinful Shine in Amazonian


Today, I want to highlight the Sinful Colors Sinful Shine polish in Amazonian. If you have never used Sinful Colors polishes before, you should go buy a bottle! They are suuuuuper inexpensive, come in a huge range of colors, and apply great. In fact, they were recently ranked #1 in a blind test done by ABC News. I’m not sure why ABC News has time to report about nail polish, but I have to agree that Sinful Colors polishes are pretty great.


I know it’s summertime and everyone should be rocking light and bright polishes, but I just couldn’t pass up this glitter-filled emerald green. I mean, if you were going to move to the Emerald City, this would be the polish to wear.

emerald city It’s so hard to photograph, but in person it is full of shine and sparkle. In some photographs, it looks slightly olive green, but it’s definitely a deep, rich green in person. The color is really beautiful! I also love how the glitter is interspersed throughout the polish instead of having to add a glitter topcoat, which never applies evenly.


This particular polish is part of Sinful Colors Sinful Shine line with Gel Tech, which claims to have 5 times more shine than their regular line. I have to agree it was super shiny, and the color and application were even better than my other Sinful Colors polishes. It was definitely worth the extra $1. I plan on checking out some of the other 30+ colors in the collection soon.

3Amazonian is such a fun, unique color, and I highly recommend it! If you’re worried about it being to dark for summer layer it with some fun nail art in a light blue or mint! Regular Sinful Color polishes run about $1.99 a bottle, and the Sinful Shine line runs about $2.99 a bottle. At such great prices, these polishes are perfect for testing out a color you’re not too sure about or expanding your polish collection to include a rainbow of options!

Hope you’re a fan of Amazonian, too! Enjoy!

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It's Just Another Manicure Monday…Easy Going


Happy Monday, y’all! For today’s Manicure Monday, I’m sharing my favorite light pink polish. This “so light it’s almost white” pink is Sinful Colors¬†Easy Going. My mom gifted me this polish a couple years ago, and I’ve loved it ever since.

1It only takes about two coats to become opaque, and it’s relatively easy to apply. The brush is definitely thinner than OPI or Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. If you prefer a brush more similar to Essie, this would fit the bill.

2Want to know how it doesn’t compare to Essie? A bottle of Easy Going will only set you back $1.99 at most drugstores. That’s 75% cheaper than a bottle of Essie or OPI! Some people may claim the quality isn’t as good, but they’re full of it. Just kidding. I know next to nothing about nail polishes. I’m sure there are factors that make different brands superior, but, with a good topcoat, Sinful Colors polishes stay on my nails just as long as some of my pricier polishes. I think their colors are great for when you want to try something new but don’t want to break the bank.

3This particular color is perfect for welcoming spring and Easter! It’s the lightest of pinks, but it isn’t sheer or shimmery like many other pale pinks. It really pops on my hands, and I always get compliments when I’m wearing it! If you’re a fan of pastel shades for spring, I’d definitely give Easy Going a spin. And make sure to check out the Sinful Colors¬†section next time you’re at your local drugstore…with over 60 shades under $2, you’re sure to find something to try!

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