Wet n Wild Color Icon Metallic Liquid Lipstick

Wet n Wild’s Limited Edition Summer Line has been flying off the shelves lately, so I figured I would grab some of the products to try myself. The first product I sampled is the Wet n Wild Color Icon Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Chrysanthemum’s the Word.

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It is one of 6 colors in their new Metallic Liquid Lipstick collection and is a true pink hue. The applicator is a classic doe foot style, and it picks up a great amount of product. I was able to cover most of my lips with one pass.


I was happily surprised with the pigmentation of this lipstick! With lighter colors I always worry about them looking streaky, but this was so smooth of covered my lips very well.


They definitely aren’t kidding about the metallic finish either! It catches the light so well, and it stayed super shiny the entire time I had it on.


For some reason, I expected these to dry down matte, but they aren’t advertised that way. They definitely stay wet the entire wear time, which means they will transfer.


I didn’t eat or drink while wearing this liquid lipstick, so I can’t say how well they would stay on through that. However, it did stay perfect the entire time I had it on, with no bleeding, which was a big plus.


The formula claims to be non-drying, and I think that’s a fair statement. It’s not moisturizing by any means, but at no point while wearing it my lips feel dry.


I’m usually not a glossy, shiny lip person, so this was definitely step outside the box for me, but I think I’m a fan! It’s a fun look for summertime, when I feel like everyone is drying to achieve that “summer glow.”


Plus, at $2.99, it’s totally worth the risk, if you don’t like it! Have you tried any of Wet n Wild’s summer collection? I’m trying to get my hands on the highlighting powder next! All about that summer glow, right!?! (And by that I mean the kind of glow I can achieve by applying it with a makeup brush and never seeing the sun…)

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