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0 Bless Your Heart Bracken Village

Sitting nestled among countless arching oak tress off a beautiful country road is what may be the cutest boutique in San Antonio, Bless Your Heart. It’s part of Bracken Village along with several other shops, restaurants, and antique stores. The setting couldn’t be more quaint, and Bless Your Heart is the star of the village in the big, red barn.
1 Bless Your Heart Building

Once you grab a parking spot, walk up the paved path past the other buildings and cute windmills to the front of the structure.
1.5 Bless Your Heart Windmill

Before even walking inside you can see how adorably decorated and themed everything is! Pink, antique, and shabby chic!

2 Bless Your Heart Sign

The front porch holds huge, metal marquee letters hanging down to welcome you in. Both sides are are spilling over with antiques and furniture both as decor and for purchase. 3 Bless Your Heart Entrance

I couldn’t believe how excited I was about shopping before I even stepped inside! The exterior was so cute on its own, I knew the inside would hold just as many precious items. 4 Bless Your Heart Door

Let me tell you. The inside did NOT disappoint. There are 4 rooms and a lobby area downstairs as well as a section upstairs, and each one is OVERFLOWING with adorable things to purchase. The kind, helpful employees greeted me, and I began my shopping!5 Bless Your Heart Jewelry Gifts

I don’t think it’s too bold of a statement to suggest that you could get shopping done for ALL of the women in your life completed here. This first room I stepped into had such a fun, bright summery feel. It was filled with colorful, jewelry, adorable baby gifts, sassy tees (that said things like “I know guacamole is extra”), and embellished denim shorts perfect for the Texas heat.
6 Bless Your Heart Gifts Clothes

8 Bless Your Heart Gifts

The next room over had a sort of southwestern vibe. It had these amazing, painted cement candle holders filled with fragrant candles, customizable cowboy boots for tons of colleges (I admired the A&M boots for quite awhile!), painted picture frames, and tons of clothes with cacti, which made me extremely happy.  This room also housed an entire section of gifts perfect for teachers for the end of the year!

7 Bless Your Heart Clothes

One room focused strictly on clothes, which they have no shortage of! The styles I saw were unique, bohemian, southwestern, casual, dressy, cool…such a huge range! There was definitely something for everyone. I couldn’t resist buying the cobalt blue peasant top centered above.
9 Bless Your Heart Pillows

If you want to decorate your home as well, they had tons of fun, amazing pillows! That pillow with the red double decker bus came home with me! 🙂 I found these pillows in the fourth room among more boots, sandals, cute tees, and the dressing rooms.10 Bless Your Heart Texas Shirt

I obviously had to step into the dressing room to try on some items myself! I didn’t purchase this Texas Love shirt, but it was so soft and cute, I’m already planning to return and buy it! There were so many cute styles, and I had so much fun trying them all on. They had several tunics and dresses perfect for layering and a huge range of color options.11 Bless Your Heart Clothes Toms

I love those TOMS booties pictured above so much, I may need to return and buy them this fall! Yes, I haven’t mentioned it yet, but the lobby area has an entire wall of TOMS! Everything from their classic slip ons to their sandals, wedgies, and booties! The lobby also has a huge selection of Kendra Scott jewelry, several colors and patterns of Swell water bottles, and a section of seasonal apparel and gifts. When I visited, they had a huge display for 4th of July.  12 Bless Your Heart Gift Shop

I love everything I purchased at Bless Your Heart, and I can’t wait to go back soon and get more! If you’re in San Antonio, or just want an adorable place to shop for unique items with your mom, sisters, and girlfriends, Bless Your Heart is the perfect spot! I’m so happy my fellow San Antonio blogger, Christina of The Social Butterfly Gal, told me about it! Thanks again, Christina!

Have you ever visited Bless Your Heart? Add it to your weekend plans if you haven’t!

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Disclaimer: I used a gift card won via The Social Butterfly Gal for a portion of my purchases, but, as always, all opinions are strictly my own. I just loved the boutique so much, I wanted to share it with all of you!

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High Five for Friday Part 2!

Happy Friday, friends! This week has gone by pretty quickly, and I’m excited for the weekend! There’s nothing I love more than having Louis home with me! Just wanted to stop in today to share 5 of my “highs” from the week!

1. This past weekend Louis and I went home for Easter to celebrate with our families. Last year, we stayed in San Antonio, so this year we wanted to head home. We got tons of quality family time and got to do tons of fun stuff, but the best part was just being together with everyone. Even though the weekend was packed with fun activities, one of my favorite times was late Sunday night. My dad popped homemade popcorn and got Sonic drinks for us, and my mom, sister, and I sat in the living room by the fire laughing and catching up. With Amy having Henry (and soon Hudson!) and me being in San Antonio, times like this are rare these days. It was great just to all be together!


2. Speaking of Easter, my parents had an Easter egg hunt for all the big kids, and Louis found the golden egg! Enclosed was a gift card to Chic-fil-a! Any night I don’t have to cook dinner is a win in my book, so I was psyched we got to use that for some delicious fri fri chicky chick this week.


3. This was actually last week, but I got a haircut! Woo! My hair has always been long, but it was getting a bit out of control. I decided to take a few inches off the length and add some face framing layers. Shout out to Nancy at Visible Changes in La Cantera. She was awesome, and I love my fresh, new look! I’m sure most people can’t even tell I got it cut, but to me, it’s a big improvement! Also, I’m sure you’re psyched I labeled the pictures below because you couldn’t tell that the picture with the shorter hair was after…

2 3

4. Another high this week was that my car passed inspection. You’re probably like, “Wow, Ali leads a super lame life if that was a highlight of her week.” Well, um, stop being so rude first of all. Secondly, I’m psyched because I was worried it wouldn’t pass! My Sunfire has been my buddy since my parents gifted it to me for my 16th birthday, so it’s been through a lot. Currently my windows, gas gauge, and speedometer don’t function…it is what it is. NOT funny story: last time I got my tires changed I asked the mechanics not to roll down my windows because they don’t roll back up. They chose to roll them down anyway, and I had to drive home with them down…in the rain. Because of that fun experience, I taped the note below over my power window buttons to ensure my windows would remain up. Thumbs up for Firestone though because they DIDN’T roll down my windows (not that I gave them much of a choice), and I only had to wait for 30 minutes for my inspection. Plus they had free wifi! Way to go Firestone. And way to go, Sunfire!!! We’re in it together for at least another year, baby!


5. I’ve been lusting after this GIGANTIC teal mason jar at Walmart for about a month, and I finally broke down and bought it this week. I think it was like $9, so it wasn’t a major investment, but I’m in love! It holds 32 oz like my Nalgene, and I find myself drinking even more water than usual, so yay for that! Also, the color is so fun! Perfect for summer.


Well, that’s my week in 5 quick moments! Hope you had an incredible week, and your weekend is off the charts! Apparently Fiesta is going on right now in San Antonio. It seems like it’s a big deal, but to me it just means to avoid the River Walk! Hah! Such a Debbie Downer. 😉

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