We’re The SanAntones.

No. Louis & I aren’t starting an a cappella group. I’m just still in the process of figuring out what people who live in San Antonio call themselves. As a native Houstonian, I’ve never had to think about it. Is it San Antonian? San Antone? Or do you just say, “I’m from San Antonio.” (boring option.) Regardless of our new title, we are officially here and settled in our new home town. With my mom & Henry’s birthdays we were back and forth for a long time, but we are finally getting situated. Over the past month, I’ve learned a few things about this city…

San Antonio Scoop

1) We have a cricket infestation. When we first moved in, we were averaging about 3 crickets an hour. My kind-hearted husband originally wanted to save them all though, so it may have been the same 3 crickets over and over. The little guy below was not dead. He SWAM to the side of the bowl and was climbing out before I flushed him. Sorry Jiminy, I’m not as nice as my husband.

2) There are worse things than crickets.

This little critter was hanging out in the bathroom one evening, when I went in. I guess he was welcoming us to San Antonio, but instead of introducing him to Louis, he was introduced to Louis’s shoe. This was followed by a trip to Loews.

Most handsome exterminator I’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, since Louis exterminated no more scorpions have braved our bathroom, and it seems they passed the message along to the crickets.

3) I am in the minority.

These are now the items I find in my local Wal*Mart. Also, 48% of the radio stations are in Spanish (rough estimate). I’m really starting to wish I would have paid attention more during my 3 years of high school Spanish, and 2 years of college Spanish.

4) It is HOT here. I mean, I know it’s hot in Houston, but within a week of being here my Disney car decals were already deteriorating. That, combined with the fact that my Mickey antenna ball has lost almost all of its glitter means only one thing to me. We need to plan another trip to Disney World.

My Mickey ears used to look like this…I’m too embarrassed to post a picture of my now depreciated version.

5) The have a ginormous HEB Plus here. Louis and I drove by and we were so excited to make a trip there for our groceries!

My review? I’d give it a B+. It was basically a normal HEB with a few random perks…They had a section with extra kitchen items like microwaves and blenders. They also had a full gardening section. Both of these additions made sense to me. However, they also had an entertainment section…as in TVs, tablets, cameras, DVDs, and music. It was SO random. Who thinks, Hey, I need a new DVD player…lemme run to HEB…?

Living in San Antonio is definitely different than Houston! However, I have had fun spending time with my husband and finding ways to laugh through all of our crazy discoveries!

I’m anxious for us to explore more of the city together and find ways to make San Antonio feel more like home.

Until next time,

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