Beauty Blurbs: Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids in Vivid Rose


I’ve been wanting a bright pink lipstick for spring lately, but I couldn’t seem to find one I liked. I was scared to break my love affair with Revlon Balms, but then I saw my fellow Aggie, Meg, post about some beautiful Maybelline colors. I realized I’d been breezing past every other brand straight to Revlon, and I needed to branch out!


The Maybelline lipsticks are organized by color type (Buffs, Vivids, Reds, etc.), which makes them super easy to shop. I went straight for the Vivids section and zeroed in on Vivid Rose, a bright, hot pink.


I was so happy to see that the color was just as rich on my lips as it was in the tube. I hate when a color looks vibrant, but once you put it on it’s sheer. This was TOTALLY not the case with Vivid Rose! It was super pigmented, bright, and completely coated my lips.


Vivid Rose also has a pretty shine to it, and I think it really complimented my fair skin. I have to say though, I’m pretty sure any skin tone could pull off this shade of pink. It has honey nectar in it too, which made it moisturizing. I loved that it didn’t dry out my lips at all.


The wear is pretty good. I don’t think it claims to be long-wearing, but it lasted several hours on me before it wore off. However, the first time I wore this, I met a friend for lunch at Chic-fil-a (aka Food Heaven). After I ate my Chicken Sandwich she informed me that I had pink lipstick smeared all over my chin. Any of my lipstick that got on the bread transferred back onto my chin, and I couldn’t get it off…so…that was cool. Meaning: it’s VERY long-wearing on the chin, and pretty long-wearing on the lips. You’ve been warned if you eat food with it on.

5That being said, Vivid Rose is a beautiful color that is just as pretty on as it is in the tube. At around $7-8, the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids lipstick is a great purchase. I’m anxious to try some of the other shades soon! And…I must agree, the color IS Sensational. 😉

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  1. Sorry about your chin but at least it’s long wearing!!!! Love you in pink….your teeth look like SNOW!!!! You’re a super model. 💕

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