It's Just Another Manicure Monday: OPI Pamplona Purple


Happy Monday! I just wanted to share the fun, purple I’m wearing this week! It’s OPI Pamplona Purple, and it’s a beautiful purple with a hint of fuchsia. It’s hard to convey the color in photographs, but I tried my best!


In the bottle, Pamplona Purple appears more fuchsia, but once applied it is closer to a true purple. It has great coverage, and it only took two coats for my nails to be completely opaque. It’s a pretty thick polish, but the dry time is great. I was admiring the neon purple from OPI’s summer neon line, Push & Pur-Pull, but I decided to resist the urge to buy another polish and dug out Pamplona Purple instead. I’m not sure if it completely quenched my desire for some neon polish, but I’m content for now. 😉

2I’m hoping to incorporate this purple with perhaps a white or neon pink polish later this summer for some fun nail art, but for now, I’m enjoying it on its own! Hope your week is off to a great start!

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**Very Important Side Note: Wearing this polish reminds me of the Amelia’s Notebook series by Marissa Moss. Did anyone read these? They were the journals and sketchbook of a young girl named Amelia, and at one point she wrote about stealing her sister’s purple nail polish and painting her nails. She complained that she kept thinking her nails were grapes and wanting to eat them. I guess that means Amelia may have been a bit dumb, but at least her notebooks were entertaining for 7-year old me.


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