Lush Loot Part 1


Hey everyone! I’ve been seeing lots of stuff about Lush products on FaceBook, Twitter, and various blogs. Basically, Lush is a company that sells overpriced bath and cosmetic items under the cloak of them being all natural and packaged in recyclable containers. However, I am a sucker for anything cute or trendy, so I bought several Lush items to try.  I purchased bath bombs, bubble bars, and massage bars, and I was given a free sample of a face mask a bath melt. I figured I would review the products for anyone who is curious about whether or not they should buy into the overpriced trendiness like I did.

One of Lush’s most popular products is their Bath Bomb. I purchased 4 different bombs to sample on my own. Below I have listed each bomb I tried and my thoughts.

Sex Bomb

sexbombYes, you read that name correctly. The first bath bomb I sampled was Sex Bomb. It smelled delicious in the store, and I thought it was pretty. However, both the online description and awkward salesgirl telling me how this was an aphrodisiac made me uncomfortable. Just let me enjoy my bath, people. As you can see above, once the bomb dissolved, my water became a beautiful pink color. Honestly? That was about the coolest part. It only fizzed for about 20 seconds (I’m not sure how long I was expecting), and the smell was almost completely diluted in the water. Also, the “rose petals” were this odd gummy un-dissolving substance that just sort of floated around and grossed me out after the bomb dissolved. Since this was my first Lush experience, I was worried about the money I had spent on my remaining products to try and wondering how big of a waste it all was. Moving on.


fizzbangerTHIS WAS MY FAVORITE BATH BOMB. Not to give anything away prematurely. 🙂 It was described as having an apple-cinnamon scent, and I LOVED how it smelled! As it dissolved, the different layers turned the water different colors. It started out with a frothy yellow (that honestly kind of reminded me of when algae builds up in a pool…gross, I know), and eventually, a blue foam started erupting. The yellow and blue swirled together and formed a frothy, yummy, fizzy bath. This one took the longest to dissolve and smelled the strongest (and most scrumptious!). Once the foam dissolved the water had turned a beautiful turquoise color. After the bomb completely disappeared a little paper saying “BANG” remained in the water….get it? FizzBANGer. For some reason, I convinced myself it was a centipede and freaked out. No clue why. This one was DEFINITELY worth the money, and I would buy it again!

Space Girl

spacegirlIf I’m being totally honest, I bought this one because it was glittery. It doesn’t show that well in the picture, but it was a really pretty blueish-purple color and covered in gold glitter. The smell was slightly citrus and slightly berry. I was really excited and expected my bath to be an explosion of glitter. That was not the case. As soon as I dropped it in the water, it started fizzing and popping and the water looked awesome. However, it dissolved in SERIOUSLY about 10 seconds, and my water was left a lackluster dull purple. The aroma was almost non-existent, so I think it’s safe to say I didn’t “explore the cosmos in a trail of purple stardust” as the Space Girl page suggested on Lush’s website.

Dragon’s Egg

dragonseggThis was the last bath bomb I tried, and it was pretty lame. It had a really yummy sherbet-y citrus smell, and before I used it the color was white with flecks of blue, yellow and pink. I assumed based on the multiple colors and size that the bomb would last for a good amount of time and turn the water a beautiful color like Fizzbanger. While the bomb did last a good amount of time, the remaining water looked like my sewage backed up into my bathtub. I mean, seriously, look at that picture above and tell me it doesn’t look like sewage water. The smell was mild to almost nonexistent once the bomb dissolved, and, due to what the water color reminded me of, I didn’t linger in the bath very long. To quote the Dragon’s Egg page, “you’ll feel like you’re up and away on the back of your own dragon.” I felt more like I paid $6.25 for a dragon to fly over my tub and crap in it.

As you have read, I only enjoyed 1 out of the 4 bath bombs I purchased. None of them were horrible experiences, but I did feel pretty dumb for wasting money on spheres of powder that dissolve in less than a minute. I have to say, I would buy Fizzbanger again because I loved the scent, and it was one of their moderately priced bath bombs. Come back soon for Part 2 of my Lush Loot to see how I reviewed my remaining products!



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Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend was AWESOME. Louis took off work Friday (and I quit, so my last day was Thursday lol), and we headed home Thursday night. We arrived late, but we still stayed up until the wee hours of the morning catching up and laughing!

Friday morning my mom had PT, so Louis and I enjoyed cinnamon rolls with my dad and watched a crazy rainstorm move in. Once my mom got home safely, we headed over to visit my favorite sister and favorite nephew! My dad picked us up some tacos for lunch, and we spent the afternoon laughing and playing.

Lolli & Henry!

Louis picked me up in the afternoon, and we drove to Huntsville to watch Louis’s little sister graduate from Sam with her education degree! We celebrated with Louis’s family and a yummy, late dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was a rainy, stormy, fun day!


Saturday was probably my favorite day of the weekend! First we woke up and enjoyed bacon, fruit, and my dad’s yummy homemade pancakes.

Pancakes & Bacon!
Pancakes & Bacon!

After a delicious breakfast, we got ready and headed out for Henry’s 1st trip to the Zoo! It was a beautiful day, hardly any crowds, and SO much fun! I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

This picture taken from the parking garage shows how beautiful the weather was!
This picture taken from the parking garage shows how beautiful the weather was!
When we first arrived we watched Amy & Travis help Henry feed the giraffes from a private platform! It was so neat...they were right up next to them! The giraffes were SO beautiful...I think they may be my new favorite animals!
When we first arrived we watched Amy & Travis help Henry feed the giraffes from a private platform! It was so neat…they were right up next to them! The giraffes were SO beautiful…I think they may be my new favorite animals!
We walked around and watched the elephants, lions, and bears enjoying the sunny day!
We walked around and watched the elephants, lions, and bears enjoying the sunny day! Also, is Henry not the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?
Since it was Mother's Day weekend we made sure to get a shot of the Moms in our family! This was Amy's 1st mother's day!
Since it was Mother’s Day weekend we made sure to get a shot of the Moms in our family! This was Amy’s 1st mother’s day!

As if these pictures don’t show how much fun we had, I also shot a couple of videos while we were there! Henry is growing up so fast, I try to take little videos whenever I can. I want to remember each stage of his life forever!

The first video showcases Henry’s FIRST EVER CAROUSEL RIDE!!! He was so cute and waving to everyone as he passed by. I think he really loved it! Pretty sure that means he’s ready to visit a Disney park soon, right Amy & Trav? Also, my dad, my mom, AND I were all standing there taking videos and pictures the entire carousel ride…it was pretty obvious Henry’s the first grandson/nephew.

This video shows my mom (Lolli) and Henry playing around! My mom gets to see Henry super often, and you can totally tell he loves her so much!

After a great day at the zoo, we headed back to my parents’ house for homemade fajitas, Chuy’s dip, and guacamole. It was super delicious, and I’m pretty sure I ate myself into a food coma. After a short nap though, I woke up and enjoyed Hitchcock with my parents. If that movie is accurate, Alfred was one WEIRD dude. It was a good movie though. 🙂

Sunday morning, I woke up early with my dad to go get my mom donuts for breakfast in bed….our family tradition! I also gave my mom her Mother’s Day gift! She’s been redoing several rooms in their house to a sort of Pottery Barn look, so I gifted her with a mercury glass vase from there. I know everyone says this, but my mom is SERIOUSLY the best mom in the world. She deserves much more than one day to celebrate her because she is seriously incredible. I have learned so much from her, and I admire her for so many reasons.

Breakfast in bed (all faces cropped out to protect the innocent..err, makeup-less faces) & my mom's mother's day gift!
Breakfast in bed (all faces cropped out to protect the innocent..err, makeup-less faces) & my mom’s mother’s day gift!

After breakfast we relaxed and got ready before we met Amy, Travis, & Henry for lunch at Red Lobster (Amy’s pick!). I forgot to take pictures there, but I did capture precious Henry drinking some water from his Dad’s straw. Amy also snuck her gorgeous face into this video. Enjoy.

When lunch was over, we relaxed at Amy & Trav’s house for just a bit, and then Louis and I hit the road. The weekend went by WAY too fast…just like it always does when we visit home! It was so great to see my family though, and I can’t wait until we get to visit again!


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Beauty Blurbs: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – Honey


I love buying and trying new makeup. The only problem is I have trouble justifying spending lots of money on it just to go to Target or sit in my office where I only interact with warehouse workers. However, I’ve been hearing a lot about Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain , so I decided to give it a try. I researched it a lot first to decide which color I should purchase.

Swatches of several different color options...
Swatches of several different color options…

While I liked Crush and Romantic (as well as Adore, which is not pictured), I ultimately decided Honey was a safe, neutral option for a first sample. I found Honey at Target for only $7.49 (minus .05% since I used my Target Red Debit Card :)) and tried it out for work the following Monday.

Immediately after the "big" purchase
Immediately after the “big” purchase

Here is what Honey looks like on me immediately after application:

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm+Stain in Honey
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm+Stain in Honey

As you can see, it is basically my natural lip color slightly enhanced. It was very moisturizing like a lip balm. It did rub off a little bit onto my cup, but the color lasted throughout the morning until I went to lunch. After lunch, I reapplied and took some more pictures outside to show the color.

I know I look like a tool in this picture, so sue me.
I know I look like a tool in this picture, so sue me.

After lunch, the color lasted at least another 4 hours until dinner. Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase. When first applied, the balm is very moisturizing. It did slightly dry out my lips once the balm wore off, but the stain stayed on. I think applying Chapstick or clear gloss over the remaining stain would have worked as well as reapplication. The one major downfall is the inner area starts wearing off first, so I was left sort of looking like I only applied lipliner once this happened.

Slight lipliner effect
Slight lipliner effect after several hours

However, the pros definitely outweighed the cons for me, and I want to try out some other colors soon. Hopefully, I can build up the courage try something brighter like Crush this summer!

I would definitely recommend Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm+Stain to anyone who is looking to try a new lip treatment. They have a great range of colors (12) that will flatter all skin tones, and they’re inexpensive enough that you won’t feel guilty for trying out a few different shades! Get your own tube of Honey here!


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Snowcone Saturdays


Praise the Maker! Louis and I found a super yummy snowcone stand close by us! The good/bad news is they accept credit cards, so we are ALWAYS able to get a snowcone! Think about it…the only downfall of most neighborhood snowcone stands is that they’re cash only. Not so in San Antonio, folks. They are SERIOUS. about their cones. We were at Barnes & Noble one Saturday (because we are super cool and adventurous), and we stumbled across this beauty.

The Frosty Frog
The Frosty Frog

This lovely establishment, The Frosty Frog is apparently in this very spot from February to November, so we have plenty of time to enjoy snowcones! On our first visit, we both enjoyed some delicious shaved ice. We tried to respect San Antonio’s roots when ordering. Louis went full on Mexican and ordered lime, and I went full on fake sports fan and ordered The Spurs Trio (for an extra $.50 might I add…).

So psyched for our snowcones!
So psyched for our snowcones!
Lime & Spurs Trio (blue coconut, banana, and strawberry)
Lime & Spurs Trio (blue coconut, banana, and strawberry)

The ice was shaved super thin, and they had just the right amount of juice on them! For $5, it was the perfect Saturday treat. So perfect in fact, that we went back the following Saturday.

This time, Louis tried Spiderman vs. Hulk (strawberry & lime) because he is a child in an adult’s body (which is one of the many reasons I love him), and I was boring and got the exact same thing again…

Louis snowcone is a gross color, and mine is beautiful...again.
Louis’ snowcone is a gross color, and mine is beautiful…again.

A fun fact about this trip to the snowcone stand is that about 15 minutes into enjoying our cones in my car we started to hear a buzzing. Apparently a bumble bee wanted to enjoy in our snowcones with us and decided to be a stowaway in Louis’s hoodie. After jumping out of the car and dropping our phones on the ground and yelling (and being seen by several bystanders), we chilled out and enjoyed the rest of our cones.

Not to have our most recent experience be an embarrassing one, we decided it was only right to go back this Saturday and enjoy The Frosty Frog again.


This time my handsome hubbs got Watermelon and Lime, but they added some weird powder to it. Apparently pouring this stuff into snowcones is the norm in San Antonio?


I finally branched out and got half Blue Raspberry and half Pineapple. I had to text my sis a pic of my snowcone and torture her a bit because she loves all things pineapple. Sorry, Ames. 🙂

Don’t worry, we’ll be taking a break from The Frosty Frog this weekend because we’re FINALLY going home Saturday for sweet Henry’s baby dedication! Hooray! Can’t wait to see my family! Oh, and remember how we were at Barnes & Noble before our first trip to The Frosty Frog? I just might have been picking up a little something for my sweet nephew…

A little something for Henry perhaps?
A little something for Henry perhaps?

Check back next week for an update on our wonderful weekend at home!


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Working Woman


Massive readership! I am so sorry I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. That is partially because…I got a JOB. I know, I know. Finally putting my college degree to use (sort of). Basically, I handle all of the lease returns at a company in San Antonio that rents out office equipment like copiers and printers. I’m about to finish my fifth week here, and I’m currently about 34% sure what I’m supposed to be doing.

The company is in the middle of preparing to move, so things are a little hectic. In total, I’ve probably gotten 1 hour of face time with my boss since I started…five weeks ago. My training is a little big lacking. The other thing lacking? My motivation. Said move will put the company that is currently 5 minutes from my apartment over an hour commute away from our apartment. That said, I may be cutting my career here short close to the time of the move. Worst employee ever, I know.

The one thing keeping me here is the fact that hubbs said all of the money I make can go towards a trip to Disney (-land or World we’re not sure yet!). Disney fanatic that I am, I will work here as long as possible…or at least until I save up for our Disney Premier Passports. Hey, I can dream, right?

Anyway, as I’m probably a couple weeks shy of giving my 2-weeks notice, I figured I would recap some of my time and experience here.


1) My boss (from here on known as ‘T’), is an Austinite who wears rings on his pinky, thumb and pointer finger, has a daughter named after a brand of car, and has a chin strap beard similar to this one that I always one to ask him how hard it is to shave. T’s girlfriend also works here, and this week he let her have my office to “have a quiet working environment.” I had to carry ALL of my office supplies over to his office and work there while she relaxed in my office. I mean, it’s fine. The worst part was probably the fact that no less than SEVEN men walked by T’s office, did a double take when they saw me, and commented something along the lines of, “Wow, T! You sure look different.” And I had to be polite and laugh at each one because they all thought they were SO original to come up with SUCH funny joke.

Me after having to laugh at the same joke for the 13th time.
Me after having to laugh at the same joke for the 13th time.

2) I’d also like to mention one of my coworkers, who I will refer to as ‘K.’ K is one of the most unique, ridiculous people I have ever met. He is 45; when I met him I thought he was 60. He is a self proclaimed “former hippie” that wears several necklaces and bracelets not unlike this along with a 4″ wooden cross on a silver chain. This is all set off with a gray ponytail and a pocket tee holding a carton of cigarettes. K is a TALKER. He LITERALLY (said as Chris Traeger) talked to me about Vikings for 45 minutes last week. Things I know about K that he has told me in the past five weeks:

  • He put down a stray cat named Kitty last week because of cancer
  • He met his wife on the internet, she works at Hallmark, and they just cut her hours
  • He went to high school in New York even though is parents moved to Florida
  • He cusses a lot
  • His neighbor’s name is Donna. She used to work at USAA, hates children, and wants him to repair her fence.
  • Even though his father had cancer and a heart attack, K is convinced doctors killed him with pain medicine
  • He likes Chicken McNuggets, Panda Express Orange Chicken, and Dr. Pepper
  • He watches Duck Dynasty, “some car show,” and Living Dead
  • I know how much is car insurance costs, and that it just raised $4
  • He believes in Zodiac, horoscopes, and that he posses all of the personality traits of his sign (Libra)
  • He didn’t go to college, but he knows he would have succeeded because his wife always tells him he’s smart, and he completed an A/C Repairman year-long online course in only 4 months (also because his Zodiac sign is considered “very intellectual and [he’s] been known to get deep a time or two)
  • He has a “photogenic” mind
  • He has a step brother in prison for murdering someone
  • He tells me lots of stories about himself always including, “So I says…”

I could go on. I’ve even “jokingly” said, “Don’t you ever work? You sure spend a lot of time in here talking…” to which he responds with a laugh and continues his constant stream of information. (Side note: I started writing this blog on Thursday afternoon, and I couldn’t finish it because K came in at 4:40 PM and talked to me until 5:02 PM)

3) I have my own office, which is a huge blessing. It has allowed me to do things like write this blog post at work. Right now. What? I already made it clear above that I’m not campaigning for employee of the year here. Below is a panoramic shot of my office.

Welcome to my lair.
Welcome to my lair.

Another high point of this job, is that I can basically wear whatever to work just short of sweatpants. I say just short because I work a sweatSHIRT to work the other day. With a sports bra. I’m sorry, but NO ONE comes to my office. I do my makeup and try my best to look cute most days, but every once in a while, I just wanna wear a hoodie. So sue me.

I wore the outfit below on my first day of work, and I had to get Louis to bring me flats when we met for lunch. Little did I know, I would be getting a tour of not only our entire office building, but the warehouse as well, from T who I’m pretty sure is an Olympic power walker in his spare time. I thought my toes were going to fall off. Since then it’s been Toms and sandals (okay…and hoodies) for this girl.


Should I ever complain about working? Definitely not. I have a job making okay money where I can wear jeans and hoodies and blog in my private office. Yet, still I find myself making this face from 8-5.


A big part of me definitely misses my days of sleeping in, browsing Target for hours, and having homemade baked ziti fresh out of the oven for Louis when he gets home from work. If all goes according to plan, life will be back to the way it was soon enough though!

Until then…


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