Old & New

I love mixing old and new things, trying new things, or repurposing old things into something new!

For Christmas this year, my parents bought me this precious ceramic egg carton that I use as a jewelry holder. It blends perfectly with my old ceramic and wooden jewelry box behind it.

jewelry holders

I have always wanted to journal. I have no idea why. I have nothing very interesting to say (as evidenced here), but I love the idea of buying cute colored pens and having beautiful penmanship and writing my innermost thoughts in a booklet. Because of this, I always want to buy cute journals I see at the store. I finally banned myself from buying any more until I actually started using them. The journal below is over two years old, but I’ve never written in it because I didn’t want to “waste” it. I now realize how silly that seems. I started doodling and writing in it yesterday, and I really enjoyed it! No, the pen next to it is not fun like I imagined, but I’m going to make sure this journaling is here to stay before I reward myself with a new pack of pens. 🙂


My hair is long and straight. That’s abouti it. I usually wear hats and headbands a lot because it gets greasy about 14 seconds after I wash it. My hair options right now are pretty limited, so I decided to try out some new braids today! Below is an example of a fishtail braid. It’s easier for me to split my hair into two braids than make one big braid, so I practiced that way today. They still need some work, but I was proud of myself for trying something new!

Speaking of new hair, I got mine cut today! You can see it AFTER I cut it below. What’s that? You can’t tell the difference? Well, join the club. Basically no one ever notices when I get my hair cut. Since it’s so long, if I get anything less than 5″ off, I’d be shocked to hear a comment about it! No worries though…I’m happy with how it looks. I’ve been putting off getting a haircut because I’m cheap, but when we moved our apartment gave me a coupon for a free haircut at a salon nearby. I was kind of scared because what sort of shady salon just gives out free cut and styles? My suspicions increased when I called yesterday, and they had an opening today. Well, call me a rebel, because I went and got my hair cut there anyway! It feels much healthier, and the ends look so much cleaner. Inspired by my new and old thoughts today, I mixed new and old pieces together for my outfit as well! My tank top (American Eagle circa 2007) and my cardigan (Old Navy circa 2009) are old favorites as are my boots from Target. I paired those pieces with my new jeans (also from Target) and my totally crazy new hairstyle. I’ve been going through old things in my closet lately, so hopefully I can find fun new pairings in the future too!


Another old to new adventure I had today was getting new tires put on my car. I called around for quotes for the best tire prices and wound up at NTB. Proven by my screenshot below, I was there for almost 3 hours! Ugh. When I first sat down, I thought the man next to me had horrible B.O., but it turns out it was just his lunch I was smelling so…that was…good? Then, the man next to me fell asleep and woke himself up with his own snores. Finally, the mechanic came in to tell my they accidentally rolled down my window even though I asked them not to. Why? It takes roughly 4 hours to roll back up because the motor is dying. I spent most of my time there looking out the window into the shop and cringing with fear as they tried to (unsuccessfully) yank my window back up. I drove home 3 hours later, $200 poorer, in the freezing mist with tape covering the gaping hole where my window should be.


I shouldn’t be complaining. If waiting a long time to get new tires for my car today was the worst thing that happened, I think my life is pretty blessed. I already doodled in my journal tonight and watched lots of Malcolm in the Middle with Louis, so I suppose it’s time to hit the hay. Tomorrow I’ll be packing for a weekend in Houston!


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Well folks, 2012 has come and gone. (Duh.) I’ve been reading an obscene amount of “this is what I did this year” statuses on facebook, which is super annoying. Why? Because the people that wrote them are the ones who updated their status every 23 minutes the entire year. So yes, facebook acquaintance, I know you had a child this year because you posted how many centimeters you were dilated during labor.

In order to not be annoying like all of the people of facebook I’m too lazy to unfriend because it takes 3457545234 steps, I will NOT be posting a status about my year. I’ll be blogging about it. Hypocrite? Nope. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short…ish.

2012 Highlights




















Wow. Insane. And I left out a lot. Hopefully, I can revisit this year in more detail later, but you get the gist. It was wild.

Here’s to 2013 and being inspired by annoying Facebookers!


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We’re The SanAntones.

No. Louis & I aren’t starting an a cappella group. I’m just still in the process of figuring out what people who live in San Antonio call themselves. As a native Houstonian, I’ve never had to think about it. Is it San Antonian? San Antone? Or do you just say, “I’m from San Antonio.” (boring option.) Regardless of our new title, we are officially here and settled in our new home town. With my mom & Henry’s birthdays we were back and forth for a long time, but we are finally getting situated. Over the past month, I’ve learned a few things about this city…

San Antonio Scoop

1) We have a cricket infestation. When we first moved in, we were averaging about 3 crickets an hour. My kind-hearted husband originally wanted to save them all though, so it may have been the same 3 crickets over and over. The little guy below was not dead. He SWAM to the side of the bowl and was climbing out before I flushed him. Sorry Jiminy, I’m not as nice as my husband.

2) There are worse things than crickets.

This little critter was hanging out in the bathroom one evening, when I went in. I guess he was welcoming us to San Antonio, but instead of introducing him to Louis, he was introduced to Louis’s shoe. This was followed by a trip to Loews.

Most handsome exterminator I’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, since Louis exterminated no more scorpions have braved our bathroom, and it seems they passed the message along to the crickets.

3) I am in the minority.

These are now the items I find in my local Wal*Mart. Also, 48% of the radio stations are in Spanish (rough estimate). I’m really starting to wish I would have paid attention more during my 3 years of high school Spanish, and 2 years of college Spanish.

4) It is HOT here. I mean, I know it’s hot in Houston, but within a week of being here my Disney car decals were already deteriorating. That, combined with the fact that my Mickey antenna ball has lost almost all of its glitter means only one thing to me. We need to plan another trip to Disney World.

My Mickey ears used to look like this…I’m too embarrassed to post a picture of my now depreciated version.

5) The have a ginormous HEB Plus here. Louis and I drove by and we were so excited to make a trip there for our groceries!

My review? I’d give it a B+. It was basically a normal HEB with a few random perks…They had a section with extra kitchen items like microwaves and blenders. They also had a full gardening section. Both of these additions made sense to me. However, they also had an entertainment section…as in TVs, tablets, cameras, DVDs, and music. It was SO random. Who thinks, Hey, I need a new DVD player…lemme run to HEB…?

Living in San Antonio is definitely different than Houston! However, I have had fun spending time with my husband and finding ways to laugh through all of our crazy discoveries!

I’m anxious for us to explore more of the city together and find ways to make San Antonio feel more like home.

Until next time,

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The Tour de 5107

Besides a few extra touches, I think it is safe to say, “I AM FINALLY DONE DECORATING OUR APARTMENT!” Yay! I hope Louis doesn’t hold me to that statement…I do take after my mom by having an eagerness to constantly redecorate. That being said, I am very content and happy with how our apartment looks and feels now!

The sun shining on our bottom unit!

As soon as you enter our apartment, we have a combined living/dining/desk area…

Our dining/desk area!

We were so happy to do a “table swap” with my parents before we moved! They received our table to do an amazing breakfast room makeover, and they gifted us with this table! It fits so perfect in our space. The mirror was also something I snagged from the Bergstrom home 🙂 The small wall on the right was the perfect spot to display our Aggie Diplomas (whoop!), since it is right by the desk.

Our “entertainment center” is made up of 2 bookshelves and a TV stand from Ikea. I love Ikea furniture because it is well priced and they have so many different options for various combinations. Poor Louis hates building it all I’m sure, but when my parents visited they bought him an electric drill as an early birthday gift…I’m sure that helped speed up the process 🙂 The 3 maps behind our TV are crooked from my mom and represent important places in our relationship (where we met, College Station, and Disney World). Our next big purchase will hopefully be a bigger TV to fill the wall space! I’m still playing around with our bookshelves, and I hope to add some picture frames soon! (Louis probably thinks that’s silly and that we should fill the shelves with more books :)).

This is where we spend most of our evenings 🙂 My favorite things in this room are our Pottery Barn lamps! They were a very generous wedding gift, and I love the warmth they bring to our living room! The mercury glass mixed with the burlap shades brings a classy, cozy feel. The moss letters were made for our wedding by Louis’s dad, so I purchased a gold ampersand (with a coupon!) and the black frame (90% off!) from Hobby Lobby to display them behind the couch. I love a good framed initial, and I love how this turned out! Granted, it is crooked, but after the 4th nail hole on the right side, I just decided to leave it. So sue me.

Although, I am a pretty atrocious cook, I do love our kitchen! The tile backsplash, granite counters, and cabinet color are right up my alley. Fun fact: While I was hanging the ‘G’ in LANG, the ‘N’ fell off the wall and into my container of nails causing them to explode all over the kitchen while I was balancing on one of our dining table chairs. After this incident, Louis forbid me from standing on any chairs…

 We JUST finished our bedroom today, and I could not love it any more. Louis helped me paint last night, and I hung the wall decorations today. The final picture is the closest representation to the wall color in real life. It is so fresh and calm; I love it!!!

Our bathroom is nothing crazy…I do love that we have a double vanity though! Also, there is a frosted window in our shower, which I like because the sun shines in and warms my body wash and shampoo. 🙂 Side note: Our rugs are Microdry Memory Foam Rugs in gray from Bed Bath & Beyond, and they are like heaven for your feet.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Come visit some time! 🙂

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