Old & New

I love mixing old and new things, trying new things, or repurposing old things into something new!

For Christmas this year, my parents bought me this precious ceramic egg carton that I use as a jewelry holder. It blends perfectly with my old ceramic and wooden jewelry box behind it.

jewelry holders

I have always wanted to journal. I have no idea why. I have nothing very interesting to say (as evidenced here), but I love the idea of buying cute colored pens and having beautiful penmanship and writing my innermost thoughts in a booklet. Because of this, I always want to buy cute journals I see at the store. I finally banned myself from buying any more until I actually started using them. The journal below is over two years old, but I’ve never written in it because I didn’t want to “waste” it. I now realize how silly that seems. I started doodling and writing in it yesterday, and I really enjoyed it! No, the pen next to it is not fun like I imagined, but I’m going to make sure this journaling is here to stay before I reward myself with a new pack of pens. 🙂


My hair is long and straight. That’s abouti it. I usually wear hats and headbands a lot because it gets greasy about 14 seconds after I wash it. My hair options right now are pretty limited, so I decided to try out some new braids today! Below is an example of a fishtail braid. It’s easier for me to split my hair into two braids than make one big braid, so I practiced that way today. They still need some work, but I was proud of myself for trying something new!

Speaking of new hair, I got mine cut today! You can see it AFTER I cut it below. What’s that? You can’t tell the difference? Well, join the club. Basically no one ever notices when I get my hair cut. Since it’s so long, if I get anything less than 5″ off, I’d be shocked to hear a comment about it! No worries though…I’m happy with how it looks. I’ve been putting off getting a haircut because I’m cheap, but when we moved our apartment gave me a coupon for a free haircut at a salon nearby. I was kind of scared because what sort of shady salon just gives out free cut and styles? My suspicions increased when I called yesterday, and they had an opening today. Well, call me a rebel, because I went and got my hair cut there anyway! It feels much healthier, and the ends look so much cleaner. Inspired by my new and old thoughts today, I mixed new and old pieces together for my outfit as well! My tank top (American Eagle circa 2007) and my cardigan (Old Navy circa 2009) are old favorites as are my boots from Target. I paired those pieces with my new jeans (also from Target) and my totally crazy new hairstyle. I’ve been going through old things in my closet lately, so hopefully I can find fun new pairings in the future too!


Another old to new adventure I had today was getting new tires put on my car. I called around for quotes for the best tire prices and wound up at NTB. Proven by my screenshot below, I was there for almost 3 hours! Ugh. When I first sat down, I thought the man next to me had horrible B.O., but it turns out it was just his lunch I was smelling so…that was…good? Then, the man next to me fell asleep and woke himself up with his own snores. Finally, the mechanic came in to tell my they accidentally rolled down my window even though I asked them not to. Why? It takes roughly 4 hours to roll back up because the motor is dying. I spent most of my time there looking out the window into the shop and cringing with fear as they tried to (unsuccessfully) yank my window back up. I drove home 3 hours later, $200 poorer, in the freezing mist with tape covering the gaping hole where my window should be.


I shouldn’t be complaining. If waiting a long time to get new tires for my car today was the worst thing that happened, I think my life is pretty blessed. I already doodled in my journal tonight and watched lots of Malcolm in the Middle with Louis, so I suppose it’s time to hit the hay. Tomorrow I’ll be packing for a weekend in Houston!


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  1. Sooo happy you’re blogging again… It gives me something to read while I’m feeding Henry in the wee hours! Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

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