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I recently decided it was time to clean out my closet and get rid of some clothes I’ve had for far too long. I’m talking about the sweaters I’ve had since high school. The romper I bought “on a whim” and have never worn. The dress that went out of style three years ago. When I was done weeding out items, I had around five trash bags FULL of clothes, shoes, and accessories.


Most of the items I had were in great condition, so it seemed like a waste to just throw them away. After doing some research, I found thredUP. They are an online resale company offering gently used and like-new women’s and kid’s clothes and accessories. The best part is that you can send your used clothes to them, and they’ll pay you for them!


All you have to do is make a thredUP account and request a Clean Out Kit. They’ll mail you a large bag with a pre-paid shipping label and directions on what they’ll accept and how to ship your bag back. You can give it to your mail carrier or return it to a FedEx Office.


Once they receive your bag, they will review the included items, keep the ones they can resell, and pass on the rest to their textile recycling partners to be up-cycled. Then, they’ll pay you for the items they plan to resell! You can either use your credit in their shop, or request a Visa gift card. 3

I found the entire process very easy and surprisingly quick! thredUP has a Payout Estimator, where you can see if they’re currently accepting the brand/type of clothing you want to send, and about how much they’ll pay you for it. They accepted almost all of the brands I had, and any they didn’t accept, I donated to my local Goodwill.

Also, feel free to send things they say they won’t accept, just in case. For example, their website said they would not take clothes missing tags. However, I sent a suit jacket missing its tag, and they purchased it from me! They also accepted several of my items that were over 5 years old.

In total I sent two full thredUP bags and earned around $70 for about 30 items. Could I have earned more selling each item individually? Possibly. However, it would have taken way longer, and I may have never been able to sell them! With thredUP, I just mailed them away for free, and got paid almost immediately. 4

Overall, I was super pleased with my thredUP experience. If you want a Visa gift card instead, you do have to wait two weeks to be able to claim it, but I was able to do so and received it in the mail soon after.


If you want to shop on or sell anything to thredUP, you can use my referral link and get a $10 credit! They have women’s clothes, kid’s clothes, designer items, handbags, shoes, and more! Based on the quality of my clothes that they purchased, I’d bet most of their items are in great condition!

Have you ever used thredUP or a similar system to clean out your closet? I sure thought it was an easy way to earn some quick money!

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    1. My experience was so easy and great! You may be able to make a little more money somewhere else, but it won’t be as simple!

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