Last Minute Halloween Treat!


Did any of you have your boss come up to you today and say, “Don’t forget, you’re in charge of Halloween treats for the team Friday?” Or perhaps you got that email at the end of the day from the classroom parent reminding you that there are 26 kids in little Susie’s class, and her party is on Halloween at 2:30? Maybe you just decided you want to whip up something fun for a friend, but you’re short on time.

Regardless of your situation, I think this little Halloween treat is fun and super simple! Louis’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and he swore up and down that he didn’t want a gift. I couldn’t let his day go by without giving him a little something though, so I capitalized on his love of candy corn and made this little gift.


I went to Target and picked up this over-sized mason jar and some black and orange baker’s twine (it was only $1!). Then, I hand wrote and decorated a little tag that said, “I hope you don’t think this gift is corny, but Happy 26th!!!” The message could be easily changed to “Happy Halloween!” or anything else, but I think it’s fun to work the “corny” joke in there somehow! “Don’t think I’m corny for saying you’re my favorite coworker/teacher/friend/etc.! Happy Halloween!” could be the perfect replacement.

2All this to say, if you need a simple, last minute, Halloween treat, here’s a solution! Both Target and Walmart have mason jars, gift baggies, and fun containers of every shape and price. This treat can be easily customized to fit whatever your Halloween needs are! Hopefully, this helps take a little load off of your shoulders, if you’re stressing about Halloween at all!



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  1. Soooooo cute!!!! What a fun creative idea and who doesn’t love candy corn!??? Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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