DIY Crayon Sign


With the holidays quickly approaching, I figured it may be time to share a fun, little project I did awhile ago for one of my dearest teacher friends.

When Anne (aforementioned teacher friend) received her position as a kindergarten teacher, I knew I wanted to get her something for her classroom. I decided to personalize a sign for her using crayons (a major staple in the elementary world), and I wanted to share what I created!


There aren’t many supplies required for this project. All you need is a cork board (I selected one similar to this), a pack of crayons (never Rose Art unless you’re a horrible friend), a hot glue gun, a silver sharpie, and an X-Acto knife. I also printed out a large version of the letter I was creating to serve as a guide. I chose a simple serif font.


Once you have selected your shape, begin cutting your crayons to fit your guide.


Align your cut crayons to create your letter. Make sure everything looks straight and arranged correctly before using a glue gun to affix your crayons to the cork. As you can easily see, my crayons aren’t perfect, but curves are hard! (Why couldn’t your last name be Irwin or Irving, Anne?! Just kidding. 😉 )

You could be finished after this step. However, I decided to use a silver sharpie to write the rest of my friend’s name. I think it gives the project a more finished look.


And just like that, you’re done! I think this is a great, personalized and relatively simple gift you could create for any teachers in your life. For that matter it could be cute in a playroom or kid’s room, too!

I’m sure the teachers reading this are inwardly cringing and thinking, “Great, more homemade crap! Just what I wanted!” So…sorry about that, y’all. 🙂 Maybe if you’re gifting this to a teacher, pin a Starbucks giftcard on the cork board too, for good measure. 😉

Hope y’all like this DIY crayon sign as much as I do! Happy crafting!


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