Henry Has Arrived!

My sweet, handsome, perfect, amazing nephew, HENRY ALLEN SCOTT has made his entrance into the world! He was born on August 31, 2012 at 1:34 PM weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and measuring 21.25″. I received a frantic call from my mom around 7:00 AM, and by 8:00 AM I was in the Scott’s car racing towards Houston! Travis’s parents were sweet enough to pick me up on their way to the hospital, so Louis could drive my Sunfire in after work. We just weren’t sure if his truck would survive the drive to Houston.:)

Once we got to the hospital we were able to chat with Amy and Travis for about an hour before we were ushered out around 1:00 PM, so Amy could start pushing! I ran to the restroom as soon as we left, which resulted in my iPhone falling out of my back pocket into the toilet and breaking. (That explains my lack of what would have been a disturbing amount of instagram pictures of Henry that day.) I was sitting with my dad and Travis’s parents trying to get the toilet water out of my phone when suddenly Mrs. Scott received a text message from Travis. HE WAS HERE! And he. was. PERFECT. We gathered outside the delivery room enthralled by the picture of Henry and waiting for permission to go in and see him.

Waiting outside to meet Henry….

He was definitely worth the wait.

Lolli was the 1st to hold him after Amy & Travis!


None of us could take our eyes off of him.
Meeting my nephew!

When I finally got to hold him after the grandparents, I was so nervous! I sat down and let him be placed in my arms, and as soon as I was holding him I felt SO happy. He was just so perfect, and after the months of waiting for him, watching Amy grow and grow, see them complete his nursery, feeling the urge to buy every onesie I saw (I still have that feeling actually…), and being so anxious for him to arrive it was just so surreal to hold him in my arms. I could not stop admiring his eyelashes, fingernails, fingers, toes, toenails, ears, nose, lips….all of it! I could have stared at him for hours.

…and I did.

After Amy and Travis gratuitously let us pass around Henry, he was finally returned to his mom. I still cannot believe MY Amy is a mother! She was so amazing throughout the pregnancy, the labor, and the birth, and I can’t wait to watch her and Travis raise my sweet nephew. 

Up Next: Meeting Uncle Louis & Gifts!

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More Like StarSUCKS

Louis and I took a trip recently to our neighborhood Starbucks. Are we huge Starbucks fans? Not really, but they offer free WiFi. We are desperate as we have been in our apartment for quite some time, and AT&T is not being very cooperative in setting up our Internet. That, however, is for another post. The conversation below best captures our Starbucks experience.

Me: Is the Mocha Cookie Crumble cold or hot?

Barista: It’s a Frapachino.

Me: Oh…okay…so is it cold or hot?

Barista:…It’s a Frapachino


Barista: That means it’s cold.

Me: …Thank you. I’ll try that.

Barista: And for you?

Louis: I’ll have a Black Iced Tea.

Barista: What size?

Louis: A really big one.

Barista: So…a venti?

Louis: Is that the biggest you have?

Barista: No, that would be a trenta.

Louis: Okay, then that.

Barista: We don’t serve teas in that size.

Don’t you be so cocky, Starbucks. I bought one of your Ethos Water bottles because while your Mocha Cookie Crumble Frapachino was indeed cold, it was gross. All over your water bottle was information about how you were helping children and providing communities in need with clean water. Woah, way to send $0.05 of the $5 bottled water I bought to starving people. Maybe you should fix the sprinkler in front of your coffee shop that is thoroughly watering the cement instead.

Side note: My beyond perfect nephew was born yesterday! I had already written this post before his arrival though, so I will blog about him as SOON as I get a moment!


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Hoots of a Night Al

I’m a night person. My name is Ali. Shorten it to Al, and it sounds like owl. Owls hoot.

Hoot Hopes:

1) Here I hope to write about life happenings as I have the memory of a piece of hay (I’m guessing they don’t have very good memories…no scientific research completed to verify).

2) I am also hoping it encourages me to take more pictures each day, since I’m 93% sure that most of my “memories” are actually me remembering what a picture of home movie looks like.

3) Finally, I hope to share my wit in a concrete way, so I can look back and either confirm my excellent sense of humor or hang my head in shame at my awkwardness.

Well, here we go.


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