Let the Spoiling Begin!

This monster could only mean one thing…Uncle Louis is in town!!! My sweet husband drove in RIGHT after work to meet his nephew, so I picked him up a Monster for some more energy. I also had to pick up some rice for my poor toilet-waterlogged iPhone.

Last ditch effort to save the iPhone….

With Louis full of energy and my phone submerged in rice, we were ready to head back to the hospital!

Uncle Louis was obviously rejuvenated.

We went back to the hospital bearing gifts of course!

Our first time to sign “Aunt Ali & Uncle Louis”!!!
LolliPops, Onesies, and Bears…Oh my!

Henry’s Lolli & Pop found an adorable LolliPop bouquet and an FAO Schwarz bear for henry. Also, while everyone else had been searching all over Texas for Oh Henry! bars, Louis managed to find some RIGHT across the street from the hospital! We grabbed an armful for Amy & Travis to pass out to visitors in lieu of cigars 🙂 Also, that “QTPi” onesie was a gift from Louis and me! We saw it in the gift shop and simply couldn’t pass it up.

We already know he’ll be a genius.

We also brought a balloon bouquet to help decorate the hospital room!

Please ignore the deflating foot. I already had a meltdown and returned to Party City for a fully inflated replacement.

When we finally arrived, we were so anxious to see Henry again and hold him! Louis was hesitant to hold him because he is so tiny and fragile, so he was nervous he would hurt him. He settled for admiring him, while I got to hold him again!

Hi Henry! We’re your Aunt & Uncle!
Content with Mom…
More Lolli time!

Relaxing with Pop!
Handsome Henry 🙂

Louis was sweet enough to head back to San Antonio solo, so I could spend more time here bonding with my sweet nephew and checking in on Amy & Travis with my mom. It has been so great to be close by and see how Henry changes every day! Tomorrow Anne is coming over to meet him, so I will get to see her too! This week has been awesome, but I cannot wait to see Louis again! Friday my parents are driving me back to San Antonio (so, I live there now…but that’s another post for another time…) to see our new place and explore around the city a bit!

Time for rest, so I will be up for visiting Henry and his parents tomorrow! I can’t wait to see how he’s changed 🙂

Oh! And after Louis let me spoil Henry, he spoiled me a bit and bought me a new iPhone cover since mine probably had flecks of feces on it 🙂 (Side note: NOT my feces of course. The toilet was empty when my poor phone fell to its fate!)

Nice, new, poop-free Otterbox!

Also, our spoiling of Henry has JUST begun. In fact…I already bought him another onesie and a book today. Oops 🙂

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