A Pregnant Mom Care Package

My favorite (ok, and only) sister is currently halfway through her pregnancy with my 2nd nephew, Hudson. I could NOT be more excited for her, her husband, and my 1st nephew, Henry! Here she is a few weeks into this pregnancy…how pretty is she?0

When she surprised me with the news of baby #2 several months ago, I knew I wanted to do something special for her, but I couldn’t decide what. Typically, when people give gifts to moms-to-be, they give them something for the child like a onesie, stuffed animal, or blanket. That’s exactly what I did when she was pregnant with Henry. However, this time, I wanted to gift her something she could use herself. I was on a limited budget, so I had to put on my thinking cap on and get a little creative!

I decided on mailing her a small care package including some things every pregnant woman would enjoy along with some of her favorite things. Everything I purchased came from my local Target. Of course Target always comes through. Here’s a peek at what I sent!


Last time she was pregnant, my sister’s nails grew like crazy because of the vitamins she was taking. I figured this cuticle pen could help keep her nails nice and healthy.


Everyone loves eos lip balm, and this honeysuckle flavor smells DELISH. Unfortunately, I think Henry may have gotten a hold of this and taken a bite out of it…that should be proof it smells yummy though!;)


Everyone loves cozy socks, and I figured this snuggly pair would be perfect for relaxing around the house (in her rare free moments!).


It’s important for everyone to drink lots of water, but I’m sure it’s extra important when you’re expecting! My sis’s fave color is green, so I thought this neon Nalgene would be perfect and convenient to ensure she gets plenty of fluids.


Early in her pregnancy, she was craving lemonade all the time. These crystal light packets are easy to pour into her Nalgene to flavor up her water on the go.


I’m sure pregnancy hormones do crazy things to your skin, so I slipped in a trial size Jergens Ultra Healing lotion to make sure hers stays moisturized!

Caramel Apple Pops are one of my sister’s favorite candies, so I added in a bag for when she needed a sweet treat!


I cut out neon tags for all of the items and tied them on with curling ribbon. Each tag explained why I included that item in the package. Above, you can see the caramel apple tag (You don’t have to be healthy ALL the time! Treat yourself to a caramel apple pop! (or two!)), the cuticle pen tag (Thank your vitamins for your long nails! (And keep them healthy with this!)), and the Nalgene tag (Growing babies need lots of water…so do their moms! Drink up!).

I also included a card with a message about how excited I was for her. I couldn’t find any specific “pregnancy” cards, so I simply found one that expressed what I was thinking: “I love it when good things happen to good people. Especially when ‘good people’ means you.” Couldn’t be more true!


I think in the excitement of pregnancy news, people jump right to gifts for the baby. However, I wanted to make sure my sister had a few things to make pregnancy more enjoyable and hopefully more relaxing! After all, I’ll have the rest of his life to spoil my new nephew!


If I had a bigger budget, I would have loved to splurge on something like a massage or a cute maternity outfit (probably also from Target…they’ve got it all), but I’m happy with how this little care package turned out! Hopefully my sis liked it, too! Can’t wait for Hudson to make his arrival this May!


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