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With Christmas upon us, it reminds me of two years ago when my sister was expecting her second child. She found out the gender right around Christmas time and decided her and her husband wanted to learn if they were having a boy or a girl along with all of our family. They kept the results hidden, and my mom offered to host their Gender Reveal on Christmas Eve! I worked with her to come up with ideas for decorations, and here are the results of the special day!

1 Christmas Gender Reveal Table

Since the gender reveal was on Christmas Eve, the theme was so easy to come up with…CHRISTMAS, DUH. We decided on traditional Christmas colors, red and green, and planned around those. With red being closest to pink, and green to blue, we decided red would represent a little girl and green a little boy.2 Christmas Gender Reveal Trees

My mom made the kitchen the focus of the decor and divided her kitchen table into red and green for the snacks and decorations.3 Christmas Gender Reveal Decor

She made several banners asking “Boy or Girl?” in the decided theme colors and placed them around the house as well.4 Christmas Gender Reveal Banners5 Christmas Gender Reveal Table and Food

One of the best things about hosting a party close to a certain holiday is that you can plan the decorations around whatever holiday decor you already have up! My mom goes above and beyond decking out their home for Christmas every year, so it was great that those additions went perfectly with the gender reveal theme!6 Christmas Gender Reveal Decorations Bannister

I may be biased, but nothing compares to the Christmas decorations at my parent’s house, and they totally added to the warm and cozy feel of the gender reveal.7 Christmas Gender Reveal Decorations

We also used the chalkboard that resides in her kitchen to create a “Boy or Girl” guessing spot for everyone to pick a side! As you can see, almost everyone thought my sister was having a girl, so quite the surprise was in order. 🙂8 Christmas Gender Reveal Guess

With the craziness of Christmas, we decided to keep the food pretty simple. My mom found the cutest gingerbread boys and girls and used them as decorations for some homemade cupcakes.9 Christmas Gender Reveal Cupcakes

She also set out red and green chips to accompany red and green salsa! You can also see the cute red and green straws she set out along with Christmas Spode and napkins.10 Christmas Gender Reveal Food

There were various items to snack on including homemade bonbons and fudge, red and green Twizzlers, cheese ball and crackers, candy canes, a relish tray, cookies, and Rice Krispies “ornaments.” The food was the perfect amount for people to graze and enjoy while we waited for the big reveal!11 Christmas Gender Reveal Desserts

Also on the table was a little poem I wrote to remind everyone why we were there (as if anyone had forgotten!). It read:

A precious little baby,

is on its MERRY way!

What will be its gender?

We’ll know by Christmas Day!

The time is now upon us,

The answer will unfurl…

GREEN means it’s a baby BOY,

and RED means it’s a GIRL!12 Christmas Gender Reveal Poem

The centerpiece of the table was a Christmas-tree topped diaper cake that was adorned with red and green ribbon and sequins as well as ornaments!13 Christmas Gender Reveal Table Spread

My sweet nephew Henry, was dressed and ready for the big moment in a shirt showing off his new “Big Bro” status, so we gathered everyone in the den.14 Christmas Gender Reveal Henry

My mom made a green ornament reading “It’s a boy!” and a red ornament reading “It’s a girl!” Uncle Lou was tasked with looking to see what gender the baby was and wrapping the appropriate color for my sister and her husband to open. It’s so neat to me that he was the first one to know what they were having!15 Christmas Gender Reveal Surprise

He brought in the box, and we all anxiously watched them open it up. As you can see on their faces above, we were all surprised to find out they were expecting another boy!  16 Christmas Gender Reveal Ornament

We celebrated with hugs and excitement (and bubbles for Uncle Lou and Henry), and began planning to add another boy to our family! 17 Christmas Gender Reveal Bubbles

I hope you enjoyed reading about this special night for our family, and it gives you some ideas if you’re planning a Christmas Gender Reveal in the future! Shout out to my mom for making this such a precious celebration and for letting me help!


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