Fall Themed Bridal Brunch

Fall Themed Bridal Brunch

It’s fall! The temperatures are getting cooler, the trees are changing color, and everyone is breaking out their boots and scarves! I mean…I live in Texas, so it’s still over 100 degrees, most of the plants are dead from the summer, and we’ll be wearing shorts for the next couple of months…but…you get the sentiment.

I figured the start of September would be the perfect time to share pictures from a Fall Themed Bridal Brunch my mom hosted a few years ago. I realize “wedding season” is drawing to a close, but there are still plenty of couples that plan weddings in the fall. Bridal showers don’t always have to be full of white tulle, chicken salad sandwiches, and all white flowers (though those are beautiful as well!). If you choose to host a shower that corresponds to the current season, you can not only easily find decor, but you can often use things your home is already decorated with!

Once the hostesses decided “fall” was their theme, colors and inspiration came easily. For a fun twist, they decided to have a brunch instead of a lunch, which allowed them to plan a delicious, simple menu. I’ve posted some pictures and information below to give you ideas if you have an upcoming shower to plan and want to take the same route!

Guests were welcomed with pumpkins tied with raffia bows and a beautiful fall wreath.


Once inside, they were led into the family room to drop off their presents for the bride-to-be. Her chair for opening gifts was marked with a simple bouquet of white balloons. As you can see, my mom’s fall decor on the mantle and around the house flow into the theme seamlessly.


Another touch my mom added, was to create some custom pennant banners in corresponding colors. If you have access to a sewing machine (and someone who knows how to sew), these are a fun way to personalize your decor. Since this bride’s wedding was also in the fall, my mom gifted them to her to use as wedding decor as well!


Also in the living room was a table with pictures of the engaged couple and a recipe box. Recipe cards were sent out with the invitations with a request for guests to provide their favorite recipe.

I love a good poem, so most of the “signage” around the house rhymed. The sign for the recipe cards said, “The kitchen is where Kim loves to be. Please use this box for your recipe!”


After dropping off their gift and recipes, guests moved into the kitchen where a juice and coffee bar was set up to go along with the brunch theme.


Small chalkboard signs like the one below were placed around the drinks and food to guide guests as well as let them know what dishes were being served.


In the dining room, the buffet had another pennant banner as well as plates, napkins, and forks for guests to load up on the delicious brunch!

For flowers, the hostesses used natural fall blooms like mums, zinnias, and lantana. Many of them were clipped from their own yards fresh that morning. A good way to keep cost down is to use flowers you have available already or at least ones that are in season.


The spread for brunch included several assorted muffins, coffee cake, and quiche among other items. It was the perfect spread that included something for everyone whether they wanted a filling meal or simply a light snack.


Another fun touch was these decorative Bride and Groom food picks that were placed throughout the food.


Who doesn’t love a good monogram? We enlisted my husband’s help to carve the bride and groom’s initials into this craft pumpkin. It was a great centerpiece for the table, and it was a keepsake the couple can use to decorate with for years to come!


After enjoying brunch, opening gifts, and socializing, the shower came to an end. On the way out, guests were gifted a small box of Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses. The accompanying poem read, “Love is sweet, like hugs and kisses. Thanks for celebrating the soon-to-be Mrs.!”


I hope you agree that this is proof that you can throw a bridal shower that is unique, and it will still be successful. The most important thing is that the bride loves it, and in this case, she definitely did!


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