Sassy Kat Visits La Jolla!


About a month ago (already a month!?!), my wonderful mother, Sassy Kat, came to visit us in La Jolla! I was so excited to see her and spend time showing her around where Louis and I have been living this summer.  She flew in on a Saturday, and Louis and I were so excited to greet her at the airport!

IMG_2260Louis obviously helped me make made the “welcome” sign as my artistic skills are those of a 4-year old (and that’s being generous). As soon as my mom landed, we all hopped in the car and headed down to the La Jolla Cove for dinner and a beautiful view of the ocean! First, we grabbed dinner at The Prospect Bar & Grill, where Louis and I have dined before.


We had a great time catching up and enjoying dinner until the live music for the night showed up and played so loud we could barely think! Once the music started up, we finished eating and decided to walk along the cove to see the seals and waves. Of course, we wanted to snap some shots in front of the water, which led to this series of pictures.


We are constantly laughing when we’re together 🙂

IMG_2291I was SO happy she was finally in La Jolla! I promise Louis was there, too. Need proof?

IMG_2292Am I blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people or what? We enjoyed the (cloudy 🙁 ) sunset down on the shore cliffs after we climbed under a fence to get closer to the water. Such rebels, I know.IMG_2464

We got a couple to take this after we awkwardly laughed and talked for about 15 minutes behind them while they were probably trying to enjoy a romantic sunset. Oops. Also, how cute is Sassy Kat in her scarf? Such a Cali girl.

We headed home after that though to hit the hay early because we had BIG plans for Sunday. ALL DAY at DISNEYLAND! Don’t worry…that’s going to get its own post entirely. 🙂

Stay tuned to read all about our VIP day at Disney!


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  1. Oh my goodness….reading this brought back all he wonderful memories of my trip to LaJolla!!!! I was so blessed to experience a once in a lifetime trip with you & Louis in the most beautiful place in the world!!!! I loved reliving it through your blog posts!!!!!! 🙂

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