Creamy Salsa Verde

Creamy Salsa Verde

Hey y’all! Okay, anyone from Texas knows that chips and dip is basically its own food group. There’s hot sauce, green sauce, queso, guacamole…the list goes on. A little while ago, I pinned this Creamy Salsa Verde recipe from Savvy Style, Mindful Home. Typically, I just view things on Pinterest as a way to make me feel like a frumpy, non-crafty, terrible cook who is bad at applying make up and unable to adequately decorate my home for holidays or throw a party. However, every once in a while, I dig through my 636 pins (not an exaggeration) and attempt to improve my feelings of inadequacy. I typically love green sauce at Mexican restaurants but honestly never have any idea what it contains. I hoped this simple recipe would have a similar taste, so I spent a little time one afternoon whipping it up.

I have listed the ingredients and directions below. Something to keep in mind though, is that this recipe is very versatile and customizable. For example, if you love cilantro (I’m looking at you, Sassy Kat), throw an extra handful in. My husband loves lime, so I squeezed in some extra lime juice. Feel free to make it your own with your favorite ingredients!



First things first: wash your hands. Kidding! But seriously. Then, gather up all of your supplies! If you don’t have a food processor, I’m sure a blender would work just as well.



Follow along with these easy steps to create the salsa.

1Tomatillos 2Avocado 3Garlic 4Onion5onioncry6jalapeno

Seriously, make sure you remove all of the jalapeño seeds…those little buggers are HOT. Also, if you get any jalapeño juice on your hands, make sure to wash them immediately. If that juice gets in your eye accidentally, you will not be finishing this salsa. And you will be writhing on your kitchen floor in pain.
7limeroll8lime 9cilantro 10salt 11blend 12jarOnce you’re done, it can be served immediately or poured into a container to be chilled in the refrigerator. One option is a leftover pickle jar that your husband keeps asking why you’re saving. (See, babe!? I TOLD you I’d find a use for it! 🙂 ) You can simply eat it with chips and dip, or it can be poured over tacos to add some flavor.

My thoughts? This salsa is okay. I tried it with some Tostitos immediately after I blended it, and I was NOT a fan. However, even though I wanted to throw it all away, I let it chill for a day. I tried it again, and it was MUCH tastier after the flavors had a chance to blend and “marinate” some. Overall, I would give it 3 out of 5 hoots.

Owl ScaleIf you’re having a fiesta and you want a variety of salsas for your guests to sample, give it a whirl. DON’T let it be your only option though, or you may have some angry Texans on your hands. Better to play it safe with some guacamole or queso ;). And the best option of all? Just drive to Pappasito’s and get a bag of their chips and a jar of their salsa. No one will complain then. 🙂




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