Beauty Blurbs: NYX Infinite Shadowstick in Crystal


Today I’m reviewing the NYX Infinite Shadowstick in Crystal. I picked this up at Ulta a few weeks ago, and it’s been part of my daily routine ever since. And by “daily routine,” I mean days I’m subbing or days I feel like the cashiers at HEB deserve to see me in makeup. Living that crazy life, you know.


I love that my Ulta offers testers for NYX products even though they’re on the “drugstore” side. Not that I haven’t been guilty of “testing” non-samples before (so sue me.), but it’s nice to be able to test out the products that are under $40, since that’s the makeup I tend to gravitate towards. Anyway….I swatched all nine of the available colors on my hand, and those suckers wouldn’t BUDGE. I tried hand sanitizer, tissues, and whatever random liquid they had to remove makeup at Ulta, and they were staying put! I figured that was a good sign of staying power, so I bought the color “Crystal” which is a pearly white.


Crystal is the perfect color for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. I typically draw it on and blend it out with my fingers. It glides on easily and doesn’t smear off throughout the day. I haven’t tried it as one, but I bet it would have great staying power used an eyeshadow base. However, they have several neutral tones that would probably make better base shades. I’m pretty sure the bright white shininess of Crystal could easily throw you back to middle school makeup days if used all over. And no one wants that. (Though, personally, I favored pink, shimmer shadow in middle school.)


Crystal is great for brightening up my brow bone or inner eye corner, and I love how long it stays put. All but two of the NYX Infinite Shadowsticks are pearly with all being varying shades of beige with the exception of one light, mauve-pink shade. The remaining two shadowsticks are matte black and matte dark brown. I think the matte sticks would be great for creating a matte, smokey eye look.

4Overall, I’m definitely a fan of Crystal. It’s a pearly, subtle white shadow perfect for a highlight. I think I may try Almond (pearly taupe) or Flushed (pearly coral-beige) in the future as an all-over shadow base. At $8.99, these shadowsticks aren’t exactly cheap (if you’re a cheapskate like me), but they do offer great staying power and versatility depending on your color choice. Hope this helps anyone considering purchasing one or more!

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  1. Wow!!!!! I love the crystal look on your eyes!! They really pop and look soooo blue!!!!! One of my new fave looks!!!

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