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Better late than never, right? Squeezing in another manicure Monday with a couple of hours to spare! This week, I’ve been welcoming spring with Revlon’s Top Speed Nail Enamel in Cloud. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you don’t like it), I don’t think they produce this polish anymore. It looks like Revlon still has a few bottles to sell via Amazon here.


I thought Cloud was a great polish for March because it is a crisp, light lavender (as opposed to a dark lavender?). The cool, rainy weather outside we’ve had doesn’t exactly scream “SPRING,” but it felt like I needed to brighten things up anyway.


I painted my nails in a rush before heading to sub one morning, and I must say, it did dry very quickly.Unfortunately, I only had time for 2 coats, and I think this polish really needs 3 to become opaque. I’m in favor of the high speed drying, but it’s kind of counterproductive if you have to add multiple coats to achieve the desired color. I also think the polishes marketed as “quick drying” chip easier. Sometimes the “saved time” isn’t an even trade off when you have to paint 7 coats, and it chips easily.

3If you want to rock a lavender nail for spring, maybe check out Essies’ Lilacism or Nice is Nice. I think lavender colors are perfect for someone wanting to branch out from traditional pinks/peaches/corals but doesn’t want to try anything too bold. Hope you add lavender to your spring nail color line up! (Like anyone has a spring nail color line up…ridiculous.)

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  1. Oh I love love a great light grey/lavender nail! Interesting take on fast drying nail polishes and chipping easier! Have you ever tried Seche Vite for a fast drying top coat? It is by far the best thing I’ve ever used on my nails!

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