Beauty Blurbs: Rimmel ScandalEYES Eyeliner in Nude


Hey y’all! Today, I’m reviewing the Rimmel ScandalEYES kohl eyeliner in Nude. First of all, way to go Rimmel for that witty name. Even though “to scandalize” means to shock or horrify, I’m all for a good pun. Hopefully this eyeliner doesn’t shock or horrify you though…because I really like it!


I read somewhere that lining your bottom waterline with nude eyeliner helps reduce the look of redness and make you appear more awake. I’m not sure if it really works, but I do love that it makes my eyes look a little bigger. This particular pencil works pretty well. It glides on very easily, but it doesn’t typically last the entire day. I’d say it only lasts around 3-4 hours before you could reapply.


However, the color is great for my skin tone and is well pigmented. Also, I haven’t noticed any smudging with this liner, though if there was any it would just blend in with my skin (hah.). I think the nude liner looks great with a more understated makeup look when you just want to look polished and refreshed. This could be an easy addition to a quick makeup routine.

3At around $5-7, this is a relatively inexpensive liner you could try the “nude” trend with. I hope you like it!

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