High Five for Friday #3!

Howdy! It’s Friday, which mean it’s time for another High Five for Friday! Here are five things that made me happy this week:

1. Cindo de Mayo: Monday was Cindo de Mayo, so I decided to throw a spontaneous, tiny fiesta for us! I made tacos, picked up Chili’s chips and salsa (so yummy if you’ve never had them), and got some glass bottled Coca Colas. Instead of stopping there, I put on the most traditional looking Mexican dress I owned (that had never been worn and will probably never be worn again…), twisted my hair up in a bun, donned my hoop earrings, and added some sassy makeup. Too much? Probably. With my getup on, I greeted Louis at with door with a loud, “Hola!” and mariachi music blaring in the apartment. He literally fell on the floor laughing, so I’d say Cinco de Mayo was a success!


I also whipped up this simple “banner” by cutting up some orange paper, adding the letters with a silver Sharpie, and taping them on our mirror. Easy as can be! Confession: it stayed there until Thursday when I finally took it down.


2. Being Married: I mean, this is a high five daily, but the past couple of weeks Louis has been leaving me super sweet notes for when I get home from subbing. It really makes my heart happy and reminds me what a loving, romantic guy I married. Also, yes, his handwriting is probably definitely neater than mine.


3. Pink & Polka Dots: This weekend is Mother’s Day, so we’re heading home to celebrate with our moms! I finally got a chance to wrap my mom’s gifts, and I’m in love with how they turned out! When I saw this wrapping paper and baker’s twine at Target, I just knew it was perfect for Sassy Kat! Pink and polka dots represent her perfectly. I hope she likes what’s inside the boxes as much as the wrapping!


4. Tiki Beach Candle: I picked this up during Bath & Body Works’ most recent 2 for $22 candle sale, and oh man. It smells SUPER yummy. It’s described as a “luxurious blend of toasted coconut, vanilla musk and orchids,” and I think it smells like the summer version of Leaves (which you know I’m obsessed with). It has a delicious, refreshing smell that totally fills our mansion apartment when we burn it, and it makes me want to eat watermelon and have a tan.  Tiki Beach FTW.


5. #LivinDatSubLife: Um, I’ve been obnoxiously using this hashtag on all of the pictures I Instagram while subbing, and I secretly love it. I love that I used a TI-83 for the first time in forever this week. I learned to love listening to the same four chapters of Touching Spirit Bear on audio book seven times. I laugh that during every class, every day, at least one student sees “Mrs.” written on the board and asks if I’m married and if I’m even old enough to be married, which leads to a series of questions about my age, my life, and my husband. They’re funny. I’ve been subbing at the same school a lot this month, so it’s great that I’m starting to remember several of the kids and to have them greet me in the halls.

6Hope your Friday is great! Mine will consist of packing and driving home to see family for Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to plan something special for the moms in your life this weekend! And if you’re a mom yourself, enjoy being celebrated! You deserve it!

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  1. Love the pink & polka dots….you know me WELL!!!!! Honestly, my favorite part of Mother’s Day will be spending the weekend with YOU, my awesome little blogger! I loved your theme meal….Louis is blessed to have such a creative wife! Wonder who you inherited those genes from…😉 HURRY HOME!!!!!!!

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