Friday Favorites!

Happy New Year…ish!  We’re a week into 2016, and mine is going great so far! How’s yours? I wanted to pop in and share a few of my recent favorites in case you want to enjoy them, too!

Aspen Bay Volcano Candle

Volcano Candle

If you’ve ever been to Anthropologie and wondered what smelled so delicious, this is it. My sweet friend Anne came to visit me last fall and I raved about how much I loved the scent of this candle while we were out shopping. When Christmas rolled around, she surprised me with my very own!:) This sweet, fragrant candle is almost always burning when I’m home now, and I know I’ll have to repurchase another one soon!

Today is Going to Be a Great Day! Poster Calendar


After looking around for the perfect calendar for the new year, I found this one and fell in love. Each month has a quote written and designed by various artists. Even better, the designs have perforated edges, so they can be saved and framed as decor later! I already want to use half of the months as decoration, so I can’t wait for the year to rush by, so I can tear them out! 12 poster prints (11″ x 14″) for $15 plus a functional calendar seems like a great deal to me!



Louis and I have started the new year (like many others I’m sure) with a goal of eating healthier and being more active. The only way I’m able to keep myself accountable and on track is with the help of MyFitnessPal. I use it to track my calories consumed, exercise, and weight, conveniently all in one place. It’s free on the app store and also accessible online (for free!). Give it a try if you need help tracking your own fitness goals!



Duolingo is a free service Louis told me about that allows you to learn a new language through daily exercises. They have over 20 languages to learn, and I started with Spanish. I don’t know if y’all are like me, but despite “learning” Spanish for 4 years in school…I barely retained any. Oops. However, the activities on Duolingo are created in such a way that my retention rate is MUCH higher! I complete a few of the lessons each day, and I’m currently on a 63 day streak, which proves learning a new language can be fun. 🙂 If you’re looking for another way to grow this year, perhaps learning a new language is a good place to start? Once we feel relatively comfortable with Spanish, Louis and I are moving on to French!



I know Snapchat is nothing new, but I didn’t really get it for awhile. However, I’ve recently gotten more into it, and I love it! It’s so fun to try out the various lense filters, add text to my photos, and look at other people’s stories.  I’m not following that many people, so if you’re on, let me know, so I can find you! My username is mrsalilang…hope to see you on Snapchat!

I hope your 2016 has started out wonderfully and only continues to get better! Have a great weekend!


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15 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies!


Happy October everyone! This month, my husband and I decided to make a list of movies to watch together for Halloween-time. The only catch was that I’m not a huge fan of scary movies. And by “not a huge fan,” I mean I won’t watch them under any circumstances. For that reason, we compiled a list of some “Not-So-Scary” Halloween movies to enjoy with each other! Below are 15 movies from our list that I wanted to share in case there are any scaredy-cats like me out there.

The Addams Family

Creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky…you can’t go wrong spending a couple of hours with The Addams family.


Harry from Dumb & Dumber as a doctor trying save a town overrun with spiders…what could be better?


The ‘Burbs

This hilarious mystery involves Tom Hanks spying on his sketchy new neighbors with some eccentric sidekicks.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Charlie, Linus, Snoopy and the gang are together again to share some Halloween adventures in a timeless family classic! charlie Corpse Bride

The unbeatable combination of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton means this stop-motion movie gets a little creepy, but it’s still full of fun.corpse Dark Shadows

This remake shows Johnny Depp as an ancient vampire trying to restore his family and their estate to greatness. dark shadows Young Frankenstein

“No, it’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen.'”  franketstein Ghostbusters (1 & 2)

These are some of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen, and I mean that in the best way.ghostbusters Harry Potter (1-7)

Based on the greatest series ever written, all eight of these movies are perfect to watch any time of year.
harry Hocus Pocus

Witches, Salem, Halloween night, a black cat…the perfect combination for some not-so-scary entertainment.
hocus Hotel Transylvania 

A comedy with Adam Sandler that turns typically spooky monsters into friendly characters? My kind of Halloween movie.hotel The Nightmare Before Christmas

A stellar soundtrack accompanies this quirky love story about pursuing your dreams.nightmare Shaun of the Dead

This gory horror-comedy is full of British humor and a few moments that made me jump.shaun Toy Story of Terror!

Our favorite toys are back on an adventure that, as always, leads to them getting in a bind and relying on each other.

toy story


This heart-warming classic was a favorite in my VHS collection growing up, and it still is. Warning: It’s a tearjerker.


I hope this gives you a few alternative movie options to consider during the “month of horror!” I’m thankful Louis is willing to sacrifice watching typically scary movies to watch these with me! Let me know if you have any other Not-So-Scary Halloween movies to add to our growing list!


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January Favorites!

I can’t believe the first month of 2015 is over already! I had a great start to the year, so I figured I would share a few of my favorites with y’all!

Tiny Prints Stationary 

Have you ever heard of Tiny Prints? If you haven’t, I’m sorry, because they have dangerously cute merchandise. I apologize in advance because it’s so hard to visit their website without purchasing something! I recently ordered these two sets of personalized stationary, and I couldn’t love them more. Anyone want a handwritten note in the mail??


Our Bedroom

We have lived in our apartment for around two and a half years now, but I recently completed the gallery wall in our bedroom. I absolutely love the feel of the room because it is so happy and colorful. When we were picking out our bedding, we both agreed that we wanted something that was fun and vibrant instead of the typical “adult” feel. We wound up getting this quilt from Urban Outfitters, and I’ve decorated the rest of our room around it. Our gallery wall holds all sorts of fun things I’ve picked up over time. The deer is some string art from Target. I purchased the USA banner for $.40 on clearance at Hobby Lobby and painted it orange. The white frame holds a glittered greeting card I liked. The giraffe in the center is a wood cut out I admired at Hobby Lobby, but I decided it was too pricey. I came home one day, and it was laying on the bed with a note from Louis as a surprise (best husband ever, right?). I say it’s “done,” but I’m sure I will keep adding things here and there that I stumble upon! I love gallery walls because you can really incorporate such a variety of things that you like!


iPhone 6 & Otterbox

Louis and I upgraded to the iPhone 6 at the beginning of December, and I’ve been loving it! When they first released the iPhone 6, I was annoyed with how big it is, but I’ve quickly adjusted and it’s great! We both went with the 6 (versus the basically tablet-sized iPhone 6 plus) and purchased Otterbox Symmetry cases. I fell in love with the Floral Pond color and snatched it up during one of the rare times it wasn’t out of stock. It’s the perfect amount of protection without making my phone feel like a brick, and I love the unique watercolor look.


Anne’s Upcoming Wedding!

Back in October, my friend Anne asked me to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding, and I am SO excited! I’ve known that I get to be part of her wedding for a few months now, but the ball is really starting to get rolling on wedding planning, so I’m thrilled for all of the upcoming festivities! I get excited every time she texts me with a new update. Anne is one of the most kind, hilarious, wonderful people I know, and I can’t wait to see what a beautiful bride she will make!


My Birthday

I turned 26 (SO OLD) on January 12, and Louis and my family made it so special! On the Friday before my birthday, Louis took a half day off at work and surprised me at home with birthday decorations and a beautiful bouquet of flowers! We spent the weekend celebrating at our favorite places to eat and shop and had a wonderful time. He makes me feel so loved all the time!


Since my actual birthday was on a Monday, we decided not to drive home to Houston. I was pretty bummed because I love spending my birthday with my family, but they understood. On Monday morning, Louis surprised me by taking the day off and fixing me a delicious breakfast in bed. My sister called to wish me happy birthday, so I got to spend some time FaceTiming with her and my adorable nephews…technology is so great! I eventually got up and started getting ready. In the middle of doing my makeup, I heard a knock at the door…my parents drove all the way from Houston to surprise me! Seriously, how great are they?!


I was so shocked and happy they were here! They’re the best parents, and I really cherish our time together, especially since we moved away to San Antonio. They came bearing gifts, too! They brought a care package of some of my favorite homemade foods, a delicious homemade birthday cake, a precious candle holder, and (possibly my favorite) the cutest monogrammed chambray shirt! As you can see in the pictures, I loved it so much, I put it on right away. 🙂 They also brought up my gift from my sister and her family…a selfie stick! We used it to take the group shot below, and I can’t wait to get tons of use out of it!

7We went to Chuy’s for lunch, Bakery Lorraine for my mom’s favorite pistachio macarons, and came home to play some board games together before they had to get back on the road. I love that my dad took off work, and they spent the day traveling all the way from Houston just to spend my birthday with me. They made it so special, and I felt so loved and grateful.

The next few months should be pretty busy, so I’m happy the year was off to a good start! What was your favorite part of January?

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June Favorites!


Howdy folks! Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite things in June!

How to Train Your Dragon 2: If you saw How to Train Your Dragon, you probably fell in love with Hiccup and Toothless and cried when *SPOILER ALERT* Hiccup lost his leg, and they had a major bonding moment. I have to be honest though, the original is better than this sequel. Hiccup reconnects with his mom in Dragon 2, and she’s basically like, “Sorry I left you for 20 years, but I was hanging out with these dragons, are we cool?” and Hiccup is like, “Ya totally!”….so that was kind of dumb. There are a few other parts about the movie that I don’t want to spoil, but I didn’t like. Having said that, the movie has several funny moments and was a fun movie to see with Louis. If you enjoyed the first one, it’s worth making a trip to the theater for.

Dragon 2

Chef: Chef was a light-hearted, funny movie following a chef’s decision to leave his restaurant and open a food truck. He travels cross country with his son and friend, and it was an enjoyable journey to witness. Don’t see this movie on a empty stomach though…there are countless scenes of mouthwatering food! Also, as a warning, there is a LOT of bad language. If they took out the curse words, this movie could easily have a PG rating, so I’m not sure why they thought it was necessary to include them? Regardless, if you aren’t bothered by foul language, you’ll probably enjoy Chef!


MasterChef: Speaking of chefs, Louis and I are loving MasterChef this season. It came on a few weeks ago, and we already have our favorites and least favorites picked out. I have no idea why we enjoy this show because we’re totally NOT foodies! Almost all of the “successful” dishes they present aren’t something either of us would even try! I do love the drama between the contestants and the challenges outside of the kitchen though! If you’re watching, who’s your favorite contestant right now?


Amazon Prime Music: Recently Amazon Prime released Amazon Prime Music, and I’m loving it! If you are an Amazon Prime member, they have created a collection of millions of songs that you can instantly add to your library and play at anytime for “free” (if you pay to be an Amazon Prime member). It’s a lot like Pandora, except you can skip an unlimited amount of songs, and there aren’t any ads! You can instantly add any songs to your library, which can be accessed from any of your devices. I downloaded the Amazon Prime Music app for my iPhone, and I constantly have my music playing from there now. They have an amazing selection of artists and songs available, so if you have Amazon Prime, definitely don’t let this new resource go to waste!


Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber Bath & Body Works Set: When I visited home a few weeks ago, my mom surprised me with this set of goodies from Bath & Body Works. It smells so yummy! The scent is very light and fruity and perfect for summer. I love using the lotion and body splash before heading out for the day because the scent is fresh without being overwhelming, and the shower gel is great for bubble baths! The adorable bag they came in is precious, too. It’s perfect for carrying the set in, or it can be used for storing makeup! Thanks, Mom! 🙂

BBW set

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Facial Cleanser & Hydrating Gel Moisturizer: I recently started using the Clean & Clear Morning Burst face wash, and I love the way it smells! It sort of reminds of cucumber melon, but it smells even more refreshing. It does a great job of getting all of my makeup off when I use it at night as well. The gel moisturizer has a unique, light texture that is great for my daily moisturizer to wear under my makeup. I would give this set a try if you’re looking for some new products.


Garlic Salmon: I made garlic salmon with some sautéd squash and onion and garlic butter green beans last week, and it was to-die-for. I love salmon, but I haven’t cooked it in so long. I forgot how yummy it is! I think this is going to be one of my new go-to meals!


San Antonio Adventures: Louis and I have really been trying to make it a point to explore San Antonio more and embrace this city, and it has made the last few months so fun. Our most recent adventures have created some really fun memories and broken our pattern of dinner and a movie for every date (though we still love our movie nights!). I’m excited to see what other neat places we discover! Any suggestions?

san antonio

San Antonio Public Library Card: This may be a nerd alert, but I am SO excited about getting a San Antonio Public Library Card! I have NO idea why I didn’t get one sooner! It is an awesome resource that our taxes pay for, and I feel dumb I haven’t been taking advantage of it because I love reading so much. I didn’t realize that they offer eBooks I can download to my kindle, streaming of movies, TV shows, and music, and hard copies of books, movies, CDs, and more at the library! Seriously, check into what your local library offers…I bet you’ll be surprised! I’m so excited to start utilizing my membership. Any book recommendations? I usually go for young adult fiction. Not even joking. Also, check out how awesome my local library is! I will definitely be using my membership a LOT in the near future.


The One: Speaking of books, I finally got around the finishing The Selection series by Kiera Cass. The One was the final book in the trilogy, and it was great! I’ve talked about this series before and how they are basically The Bachelor, but with prince selecting his future wife (plus way less trashy). If you’re looking for a trilogy that is light-hearted, full of fun characters, and a quick read, try out these books!

the one

I haven’t done a monthly favorites it a couple of months, so I obviously had a lot of catching up to do! 🙂 If you check out or enjoy anything I listed, let me know! I’m excited to be starting July off with a long-weekend with Louis and looking forward to heading home later this month for some family celebrations! Happy July!

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April Favorites!



It’s May! I’ve been looking forward to May for months because this is the month my 2nd nephew arrives!!! (Unless he’s super late…just kidding, Amy…that isn’t going to happen!) April was great, but it flew by! Here’s a little roundup of some of my favorite things of the month….

Dr. Pepper IN A CAN: Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda by far and my favorite drink after water. On snack runs, road trips, or to accompany popcorn it’s always my top pick. However, this month, I thankfully remembered what really sets it over the top. Drinking it out of a can. It may sound stupid to you, but I promise. Out of a can it’s a different consistency, a different flavor, a different experience. Don’t judge me until you try it. And if you disagree, don’t tell me. Because you’re wrong. Dr. Pepper out of a can for life. (Striped straw not necessary.)


Springy Jewelry: I’m all about these “statement pieces” lately. I guess the statement I’m making is, “I love this $9.80 necklace from Forever 21 that is probably turning my neck green at the moment.” Seriously though, I can’t bring myself to spend a ton of money on this fun jewelry, so my current collection is all from Forever 21 and under $15. I love pairing these necklaces with my Old Navy chambray tunics, and I wore these earrings with my Easter dress.


My Easter Dress: Speaking of my Easter dress, it was one of my favorite outfits from April. I found it on the clearance rack at Target, and I knew it would be perfect for Easter Sunday! It had such a fun pattern with so many pretty colors, so I paired it with my nude pumps and faux stone (thanks for the clarification Forever 21…I thought I was spending $5.80 on REAL diamond earrings) earrings for a fresh, pretty look. Perfect for celebrating Jesus and all that Easter means!


Easter: Easter was so great. It was filled with confetti eggs, Peeps cupcakes, Easter egg hunts, church, laughter, fun, and most importantly FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY. It’s hard living in a different city from our families, but it makes the time we spend at home so much sweeter. If I’m being honest, one of the best parts of the weekend was when my nephew called me “Alla.” He’s at the age where he’s really starting to talk, and I felt so special that he knew my name! Totally melted my heart. Side note: How precious are the chocolate covered strawberry “carrots” my mom made below? Love.


Pappasito’s: If you aren’t from Texas, first of all, I’m sorry. Secondly, you wouldn’t understand the magic that is Pappasito’s Cantina. Their thin, salted tortilla chips dipped in delicious roasted salsa followed by perfectly marinated beef fajitas wrapped in fresh tortillas and dipped in mantequilla is a heavenly experience. Louis and I have been craving it basically every day lately, but unfortunately they don’t exactly have Taco Bell prices. We’ve limited our visits to weekends, but I can’t get enough! Seriously, next time you eat Mexican food, make it Pappasito’s.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier: There haven’t been many movies we’ve wanted to see lately, but Captain America was a must-see! We love the Avengers movies, and Captain America may be my favorite Avenger…I just love America so much. Anyway, this movie was great! It was a little darker than the first Captain America, but it still had several funny moments, great action sequences, and crazy special effects. If you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it!

Captain America

This GIF: Because it is everything.snow-white-haters-gonna-hate

See ya, April. Howdy, May!

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