10 Motivational Movies for the New Year!

Happy New Year! Every year, most people come up with goals or resolutions they hope to accomplish throughout the year. Whatever your plans for 2017, I wanted to share some movies I find inspirational, heart-warming, or just plain enjoyable to watch. If you’re having trouble getting started with your goals, maybe these will help! Or they can just be an excuse to break one of your resolutions (you can’t watch a movie without buttery popcorn and a soda, right?)…

Without further ado, I present 10 motivational movies for 2017!


If you want to be more adventurous this year…

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

It is impossible to watch this movie and not be struck with a desire to travel more, explore the world, or at least step out of your comfort zone. From cheering on Ben Stiller’s lovable Walter Mitty character to admiring the beautiful scenery, this movie will push you to jump off the couch and book a flight somewhere new.


If you want to be more thankful for each day this year…

About Time

I literally cannot watch this movie without crying. The premise sounds a bit silly, but this movie is anything but. Amazing acting, a phenomenal soundtrack, and moments that tug at your heart strings, means everyone will love this one. Warning: it will make you want to hug your parents ASAP.


If you’re hoping to find love this year…

When Harry Met Sally

This movie is a classic for a reason! Full of funny moments, it will remind you that almost every love story has a few twists and turns before happily ever after.


If you want to improve your culinary skills this year…


“Healthier lifestyle” resolutions mean many people will find themselves spending more time in the kitchen this year. While Chef may not showcase the healthiest foods, it’s still an enchanting movie that will leave you wanting to pull out your skillet and knives.


If you’re hoping to overcome something this year…

The King’s Speech

Unexpectedly hilarious, perfectly portrayed, and based in fact, this movie shows that even royals in the public eye have struggles they must overcome. Only an amazing film could make you feel sorry for a king.


If you want to read more this year…

Pride & Prejudice

Considering this is one of the most beautiful, romantic movies of all time, it may just nudge you to pick up the book version after you finish it. The soundtrack alone makes this one worth watching.


If you want to embrace being yourself this year…

Little Miss Sunshine

Quirky, heart-warming, and laugh-out-loud funny are all perfect to describe this one-of-a-kind movie. It’s the perfect movie to watch when you’re doubting the importance of your individuality.


If you want to be more courageous this year…

The Help

Unlikely alliances, a desire for change, and courage are the themes of this book-turned-movie. They’re themes anyone can relate to, which leaves everyone rooting for Skeeter and the maids she’s trying to give a voice to. (Full disclosure: the book, as usual, is even better than the movie!)


If you need encouragement to Keep Moving Forward this year…

Meet the Robinsons

The Disney film got lost in the shuffle somehow, and I so wish it hadn’t. We follow orphan Louis on his journey as an inventor with the dream of finding his birth mother. The eccentric characters he meets along the way teach him it’s okay to fail as long as he keeps moving forward with his goals. The ending will undoubtedly leave you crying happy tears.


If you’re hoping to start fresh this year…

Good Will Hunting

Emotional, gripping, and hopeful, the journey Matt Damon and Robin Williams take the audience on proves it’s not your past that defines you and that it’s never too late to start fresh. It may be just the push you need to start a new chapter in your life.


There you have it, ten very different movies that all offer a different source of motivation. If you have a favorite inspirational film I left out, let me know!


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Here’s looking at you, Santikos (+A GIVEAWAY!)


Hey San Antonians have you heard what’s new?!

A brand new Santikos theater, right by you!

Their newest theater is located on the West,

And I must say it’s by far their best.

Santikos Casa Blanca is a premiere venue,

Housing a bar and café with an extensive menu!

After dining, make sure to catch a flick.

Recliners or eat-in bistros, take your pick!


No matter the theater, you’re guaranteed perfection,

Because every screen uses LASER PROJECTION!

It’s the first in the world to be 100% laser,

The quality is amazing and sharper than a razor!

The end of your movie isn’t the night’s finale,

Since you can walk right over to the bowling alley!

Once you’ve bowled some frames on their sixteen lanes,

The jam-packed arcade still remains!


While Casa Blanca houses some amazing fun,

Its impact on our community has just begun.

The Santikos Legacy is amazing indeed,

In San Antonio donations, they take the lead.

Their areas of giving range far and wide,

Customer service and giving exist side by side.

They’ll give $12 million this year alone,

An amount so vast, it has my mind blown!


Do I really need to say any more?

I’m surprised you’re still reading and not out the door!

Grab your family, your friends, and your date,

For a night at Casa Blanca that’s sure to be great!

JLP_2187 (1)

Are you all fired up for an evening at Santikos now?! You should be! If so, enter to win a 4 pack of VIP movie tickets redeemable at any Santikos location below!

Sorry, this raffle has closed!

Retro Siggy

*I received compensation in exchange for this post. As always though, all opinions are my own!

**All images courtesy of The Wood Agency

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15 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies!


Happy October everyone! This month, my husband and I decided to make a list of movies to watch together for Halloween-time. The only catch was that I’m not a huge fan of scary movies. And by “not a huge fan,” I mean I won’t watch them under any circumstances. For that reason, we compiled a list of some “Not-So-Scary” Halloween movies to enjoy with each other! Below are 15 movies from our list that I wanted to share in case there are any scaredy-cats like me out there.

The Addams Family

Creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky…you can’t go wrong spending a couple of hours with The Addams family.


Harry from Dumb & Dumber as a doctor trying save a town overrun with spiders…what could be better?


The ‘Burbs

This hilarious mystery involves Tom Hanks spying on his sketchy new neighbors with some eccentric sidekicks.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Charlie, Linus, Snoopy and the gang are together again to share some Halloween adventures in a timeless family classic! charlie Corpse Bride

The unbeatable combination of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton means this stop-motion movie gets a little creepy, but it’s still full of fun.corpse Dark Shadows

This remake shows Johnny Depp as an ancient vampire trying to restore his family and their estate to greatness. dark shadows Young Frankenstein

“No, it’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen.'”  franketstein Ghostbusters (1 & 2)

These are some of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen, and I mean that in the best way.ghostbusters Harry Potter (1-7)

Based on the greatest series ever written, all eight of these movies are perfect to watch any time of year.
harry Hocus Pocus

Witches, Salem, Halloween night, a black cat…the perfect combination for some not-so-scary entertainment.
hocus Hotel Transylvania 

A comedy with Adam Sandler that turns typically spooky monsters into friendly characters? My kind of Halloween movie.hotel The Nightmare Before Christmas

A stellar soundtrack accompanies this quirky love story about pursuing your dreams.nightmare Shaun of the Dead

This gory horror-comedy is full of British humor and a few moments that made me jump.shaun Toy Story of Terror!

Our favorite toys are back on an adventure that, as always, leads to them getting in a bind and relying on each other.

toy story


This heart-warming classic was a favorite in my VHS collection growing up, and it still is. Warning: It’s a tearjerker.


I hope this gives you a few alternative movie options to consider during the “month of horror!” I’m thankful Louis is willing to sacrifice watching typically scary movies to watch these with me! Let me know if you have any other Not-So-Scary Halloween movies to add to our growing list!


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January Favorites!


As January comes to an end, I wanted to share some of my favorite things of the month!

Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Louis and I went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty earlier this month. It came out in December with mixed reviews, so we were hesitant to spend $40 on tickets (and snacks because who can to the movie theater and not get popcorn). However, we were craving a movie night date, so we went for it. Yay us because it was soooo good! It was funny, had beautiful scenery, and an amazing soundtrack! We totally loved all of it! It’s still in theaters here, so if it’s in one near you, I’d say go check it out!

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Kindle Paperwhite: For months, Louis has been asking me what I think about getting a Kindle. I love reading, but I was stubbornly against getting a Kindle for some reason. I kept saying that I liked the feel of a book in my hands and all this other baloney. Finally, he was like “whatevs, I’m buying it.” Just kidding…he totally doesn’t talk like that. He did finally convince me that we should get one though, and I’m in love! We chose to get the Kindle Paperwhite because it has a light, so I can read in bed at night while Louis’s snoozes. It’s super lightweight, doesn’t hurt my eyes, can hold a bajillion books  (seriously like 1,100), and the battery lasts forevs. I should seriously write an entire review about it, but for now, I’ll just say it’s incredible! Like I read 3 books in the first 2 days we had it incredible.

Yummy Baked Chicken Strips & Simple Homemade Baked Fries: I already posted recipes singing the praises of this chicken and potatoes combo, but it’s been on my weekly menu rotation ever since I discovered how much Louis loved it! Figured I’d go ahead and include it on my monthly favorites, and I’m sure it’s not going away anytime soon!  

Chicken strips and potatoes

Matched: I’ve had Matched on my goodreads “To Read” list for over a year, so I finally decided to buy it when we got the Kindle. It was good! I read it in 4 hours (what up Young Adult fiction!?), and I was satisfied at the end…it’s a trilogy, so I’m definitely going to read the next two books soon. If you’re looking for a dystopian society young romance novel that’s a quick read…give this one a shot! Bonus: The author’s name is Ally, so (even though it’s spelled wrong) she’s probably pretty cool.matched

The Elite: This book is basically a less trashy version of The Bachelor with a prince and 35 girls vying to become his princess. The Elite is the second book in a trilogy, and it’s totally just a guilty pleasure. It’s a super quick read (again, Young Adult fiction because I’m only 25), and it’s just fun. I’ve heard rumors of it becoming a TV series, and I would be so happy!

Reign: Oh man, y’all, Reign is so goooood. I think it’s The CW’s answer to the end of Gossip Girl. I mean it basically IS Gossip Girl, just replace Blair with Mary, Queen of Scots, Chuck with Sebastian, and Nate with Prince Francis. The wardrobe is to die for, there are so many love triangles, and SO. MUCH. DRAMA. This show’s been on since the fall, but I’m still obsessed with it, so I wanted to include it on this list. If you loved GG, you’ll love Reign. Trust me.

Dance Moms: Dance Moms is in its 4th season, and the drama has never been better. This show is absolutely ridiculous and so wonderful. The moms are insane, the girls are precious, and Abby is so intense. I love it. My favorite part may be texting my mom about all of the girls and their moms like we know them.Dance Moms

Frozen Soundtrack: I saw Frozen in December, and it was good, but the music OH MAN. It wasn’t until mid-January that I realized, I had been singing, “Let It Go” in my head for a month. Apparently, there’s a Demi Lovato version, but don’t bother listening to that crap. Idina Menzel sings the movie version, and it’s basically the best song ever. There are a few other great songs on the soundtrack, too. Just look up Frozen Playlist on YouTube, and thank me later. 

Frozen GifLet the storm rage on gif

Juno Pandora: I bought the Juno soundtrack when it came out in 2007 (SO LONG AGO!), and I always loved it. I figured I would add Juno on my Pandora playlist, and it’s great! It plays such a cool variety of artists like Bright Eyes, Regina Spektor, Keane, and Sondre Lerche. Most of the songs they play are from movie soundtracks, which makes me feel like my life is a movie. And I’m all about that. Give it a listen if you want.

Juno Soundtrack


Thanks for reading my short list of favorites. I’m excited to see what February brings!


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