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Massive readership! I am so sorry I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. That is partially because…I got a JOB. I know, I know. Finally putting my college degree to use (sort of). Basically, I handle all of the lease returns at a company in San Antonio that rents out office equipment like copiers and printers. I’m about to finish my fifth week here, and I’m currently about 34% sure what I’m supposed to be doing.

The company is in the middle of preparing to move, so things are a little hectic. In total, I’ve probably gotten 1 hour of face time with my boss since I started…five weeks ago. My training is a little big lacking. The other thing lacking? My motivation. Said move will put the company that is currently 5 minutes from my apartment over an hour commute away from our apartment. That said, I may be cutting my career here short close to the time of the move. Worst employee ever, I know.

The one thing keeping me here is the fact that hubbs said all of the money I make can go towards a trip to Disney (-land or World we’re not sure yet!). Disney fanatic that I am, I will work here as long as possible…or at least until I save up for our Disney Premier Passports. Hey, I can dream, right?

Anyway, as I’m probably a couple weeks shy of giving my 2-weeks notice, I figured I would recap some of my time and experience here.


1) My boss (from here on known as ‘T’), is an Austinite who wears rings on his pinky, thumb and pointer finger, has a daughter named after a brand of car, and has a chin strap beard similar to this one that I always one to ask him how hard it is to shave. T’s girlfriend also works here, and this week he let her have my office to “have a quiet working environment.” I had to carry ALL of my office supplies over to his office and work there while she relaxed in my office. I mean, it’s fine. The worst part was probably the fact that no less than SEVEN men walked by T’s office, did a double take when they saw me, and commented something along the lines of, “Wow, T! You sure look different.” And I had to be polite and laugh at each one because they all thought they were SO original to come up with SUCH funny joke.

Me after having to laugh at the same joke for the 13th time.
Me after having to laugh at the same joke for the 13th time.

2) I’d also like to mention one of my coworkers, who I will refer to as ‘K.’ K is one of the most unique, ridiculous people I have ever met. He is 45; when I met him I thought he was 60. He is a self proclaimed “former hippie” that wears several necklaces and bracelets not unlike this along with a 4″ wooden cross on a silver chain. This is all set off with a gray ponytail and a pocket tee holding a carton of cigarettes. K is a TALKER. He LITERALLY (said as Chris Traeger) talked to me about Vikings for 45 minutes last week. Things I know about K that he has told me in the past five weeks:

  • He put down a stray cat named Kitty last week because of cancer
  • He met his wife on the internet, she works at Hallmark, and they just cut her hours
  • He went to high school in New York even though is parents moved to Florida
  • He cusses a lot
  • His neighbor’s name is Donna. She used to work at USAA, hates children, and wants him to repair her fence.
  • Even though his father had cancer and a heart attack, K is convinced doctors killed him with pain medicine
  • He likes Chicken McNuggets, Panda Express Orange Chicken, and Dr. Pepper
  • He watches Duck Dynasty, “some car show,” and Living Dead
  • I know how much is car insurance costs, and that it just raised $4
  • He believes in Zodiac, horoscopes, and that he posses all of the personality traits of his sign (Libra)
  • He didn’t go to college, but he knows he would have succeeded because his wife always tells him he’s smart, and he completed an A/C Repairman year-long online course in only 4 months (also because his Zodiac sign is considered “very intellectual and [he’s] been known to get deep a time or two)
  • He has a “photogenic” mind
  • He has a step brother in prison for murdering someone
  • He tells me lots of stories about himself always including, “So I says…”

I could go on. I’ve even “jokingly” said, “Don’t you ever work? You sure spend a lot of time in here talking…” to which he responds with a laugh and continues his constant stream of information. (Side note: I started writing this blog on Thursday afternoon, and I couldn’t finish it because K came in at 4:40 PM and talked to me until 5:02 PM)

3) I have my own office, which is a huge blessing. It has allowed me to do things like write this blog post at work. Right now. What? I already made it clear above that I’m not campaigning for employee of the year here. Below is a panoramic shot of my office.

Welcome to my lair.
Welcome to my lair.

Another high point of this job, is that I can basically wear whatever to work just short of sweatpants. I say just short because I work a sweatSHIRT to work the other day. With a sports bra. I’m sorry, but NO ONE comes to my office. I do my makeup and try my best to look cute most days, but every once in a while, I just wanna wear a hoodie. So sue me.

I wore the outfit below on my first day of work, and I had to get Louis to bring me flats when we met for lunch. Little did I know, I would be getting a tour of not only our entire office building, but the warehouse as well, from T who I’m pretty sure is an Olympic power walker in his spare time. I thought my toes were going to fall off. Since then it’s been Toms and sandals (okay…and hoodies) for this girl.


Should I ever complain about working? Definitely not. I have a job making okay money where I can wear jeans and hoodies and blog in my private office. Yet, still I find myself making this face from 8-5.


A big part of me definitely misses my days of sleeping in, browsing Target for hours, and having homemade baked ziti fresh out of the oven for Louis when he gets home from work. If all goes according to plan, life will be back to the way it was soon enough though!

Until then…


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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thank you for blogging….it puts the SMILE in my day!!!! I’ve said it before and I”ll say it again…YOU SHOULD BE A WRITER!!!! Miss you so much!!!!!

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