Share the Joy of Summer with Lone Star Living Bouquets

Lone Star Living Summertime Bouquet

This post was sponsored by Lone Star Living, and I am thrilled to share their summertime fresh flowers with you!

Lone Star Living July Bouquet

Summer holds so many celebrations for my family. My dad, mom, sister, and nephew all have summer birthdays, we have an annual 4th of July party, and we take our yearly beach trip to Galveston. Basically, the fun just keeps coming all season long, and summer 2018 has been no exception! We enjoy one gathering after another and each one is an opportunity to showcase Texas, southern hospitality. Want to know the number one rule for any southern celebration? Never show up empty-handed! Whether it’s food, gifts, or flowers, your host will always appreciate your kindness. And I can guarantee no hostess will turn you away if you show up with fresh flowers from Lone Star Living!

Lone Star Living Summertime Bouquet

Our most recent get-together was to celebrate my dad’s birthday at my sister’s home, and I knew the Lone Star Living July summertime flowers were the perfect thing to bring. The bouquet is full of red and yellow roses, lilies, carnations, alstroemeria, and more! The vibrant colors instantly brighten up any space and provide major summer decor inspiration.

Summertime Flower Style Centerpiece

I wanted to use a wide-mouth vase to showcase the fresh flowers, but because of the wide opening, they looked sparse. An easy fix if you have the same issue is to loosely band the flowers together within the vase, and your bouquet instantly looks fuller! Lone Star Living also recommends holding your bouquet by the stems and twisting it around to fluff it. These simple tricks will give you a professional-looking centerpiece in no time!

Fresh Summer Flowers

In case you missed my last post about Lone Star Living, let me share what makes them special. They are a Texas-based floral brand that creates dynamic, stunning bouquets for each month of the year. Their fresh flowers are sold exclusively at H-E-B in the H-E-B Blooms department, and each bouquet comes beautifully packaged in craft paper with the flower food included! As you can see, their July summer 2018 bouquet created the perfect focal point on the table at our birthday party.

Summer Party Fresh Flower Centerpiece

I can guarantee if you show up to your next summer gathering with these blooms, they’ll be equally loved by adults, kids, and pets alike! 😉

Hurry over to H-E-B to grab your own July Lone Star Living Bouquet before the month ends! I’m sure August’s unique bouquet will be just as stunning, but I can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t enjoy them both. After all, now that you know to never show up empty-handed, you have the perfect “excuse” to purchase all the Lone Star Living Bouquets your heart desires! 😉

Fresh Summertime Flowers Centerpiece


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  1. Ali you have such a beautiful family. 🙂 I’m in love with the bouquets you’ve been posting on Instagram. I love having fresh flowers in my home. They make me so happy. I’ll have to make a stop over at HEB and try these out. I especially like that you included tips. The no.1 reason I get frustrated once I bring the flowers home is because I’m no florist and it takes me FOREVER to get them just right in the vase.

    1. Hey Crystal,

      We’re so happy to hear you have been enjoying our bouquets! Would you be interested in more simple, every day flower care tips? We would love some feedback, thanks!

    2. Thank you so much, Crystal! I totally understand that frustration…I feel the same way! I feel like it’s always easier to arrange the flowers if your bouquet has bigger blooms (like hydrangeas) that fill out the vase, or if you get a larger amount of smaller blooms (like carnations, alstroemerias, etc.). I feel like it’s all about trial and error, and once I find a vase that looks good with certain flowers, I just remember that for next time! Hope that helps!

  2. Such a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! They definitely add beauty and happiness to any space. Thanks for sharing the tip on making a bouquet look fuller. I always have this problem where it looks sparse in the vases i have unless I buy a really large bouquet. I will definitely try loosely banding them together next time.

    1. I hope it helps! I often have the same issue, and that has definitely solved it for me! Thanks for the sweet comment!

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