Weekend Update

Nope. Not the funny SNL version…this is just my own Weekend Update. This weekend my dad had to go out of town for work, so Louis and I headed home to keep my mom company. Their mansion can get spooky at night, and she was a little scared to be home alone. I mean, she’s no Kevin McAllister.


I picked Louis up from work on Friday, and we began the long treck back to Houston. We arrived to a delicious snack attack basket and some yummy Valentine’s Mickey Mouse cookies. YUM. (Side note: upon seeing the picture below, my mom said, “If I had known you were taking a picture I would have fluffed the pillows!” Ya mom…the room was a wreck in the picture.)


We laughed and talked and laughed and snacked and laughed and passed out around 2:00 AM. We needed to get SOME rest because the morning was bringing some very special visitors….


HENRY!!!!! (and his parents!) My mom cooked a billion cinnamon rolls and we sat around and laughed and ate and laughed and talked and laughed. Here is some precious proof:

I mean…I can’t even. He’s too cute. I loved seeing Amy and Travis too! They have so many exciting things going on, so it’s always fun to catch up.

After lots of laughter they headed out, and my mom and I got ready. I remained obsessed with Maybelline’s Falsies mascara. I mean, seriously.

Maybe she’s born with it…NOPE. I wasn’t.

First we enjoyed Chipotle at Market Street. We sat outside in the breeze and reminisced about the time I slipped and ate it at the Chipotle in downtown Houston a year ago. Man, time flies. I loved laughing with her!

Beautiful company!
Beautiful company!


After we gorged on their yummy chips and guacamole, we shopped around at Francesca’s (precious accessories and clothes) and Zulee’s  (overpriced crap like ceramics you can personalize and $75 candles) we wound up at my fave…MARSHALL’S HOMEGOODS. I could spend hours in there. We did. I ended up with the cutest blazer and cardigan…both on clearance! I’ll post pictures of them at some point! We finally headed home to throw on our sweats, greet my dad coming home from LA (as in Louisiana…hah), and watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop with some homemade popcorn…which included more laughter and eating and laughter.

Today, we woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across our head, and headed to Shipley’s…of course. I wanted to see Henry and his parents again! So…we laughed and ate donuts and laughed and watched Henry be super cute. It will probably have been my last time at Amy and Travis’s house before they move to their beautiful new place! So excited for them.

Time flew and we headed home to pack….aaaaand so my mom could cut my pants. Louis bought me some VS Pink (not actually pink…they’re grey. That’s ALWAYS confusing.) sweatpants in October for my gallbladder surgery (because I was being a baby), and they were about 3 feet too long. When I asked about the weird length, they salesgirl said, “Oh yeah. You’re supposed to cut them yourself to create your own custom length!” I translated that to, “Even though we’re charging you $50 for sweatpants, we’re too cheap to add a finished hem!” Thankfully, my mom trimmed them up, Louis and I…okay, Louis loaded up the car, and we headed on our way! 

Our drive home included seeing the following (full screen it for a better view):

Not a clue. Seriously. Back in San Antonio we grabbed Chipotle (twice in two days? I know.) and ate it while watching 30 Rock because it’s hilarious (what Superbowl?). It was a great weekend, and I loved seeing my family!


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Well folks, 2012 has come and gone. (Duh.) I’ve been reading an obscene amount of “this is what I did this year” statuses on facebook, which is super annoying. Why? Because the people that wrote them are the ones who updated their status every 23 minutes the entire year. So yes, facebook acquaintance, I know you had a child this year because you posted how many centimeters you were dilated during labor.

In order to not be annoying like all of the people of facebook I’m too lazy to unfriend because it takes 3457545234 steps, I will NOT be posting a status about my year. I’ll be blogging about it. Hypocrite? Nope. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short…ish.

2012 Highlights




















Wow. Insane. And I left out a lot. Hopefully, I can revisit this year in more detail later, but you get the gist. It was wild.

Here’s to 2013 and being inspired by annoying Facebookers!


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Let the Spoiling Begin!

This monster could only mean one thing…Uncle Louis is in town!!! My sweet husband drove in RIGHT after work to meet his nephew, so I picked him up a Monster for some more energy. I also had to pick up some rice for my poor toilet-waterlogged iPhone.

Last ditch effort to save the iPhone….

With Louis full of energy and my phone submerged in rice, we were ready to head back to the hospital!

Uncle Louis was obviously rejuvenated.

We went back to the hospital bearing gifts of course!

Our first time to sign “Aunt Ali & Uncle Louis”!!!
LolliPops, Onesies, and Bears…Oh my!

Henry’s Lolli & Pop found an adorable LolliPop bouquet and an FAO Schwarz bear for henry. Also, while everyone else had been searching all over Texas for Oh Henry! bars, Louis managed to find some RIGHT across the street from the hospital! We grabbed an armful for Amy & Travis to pass out to visitors in lieu of cigars 🙂 Also, that “QTPi” onesie was a gift from Louis and me! We saw it in the gift shop and simply couldn’t pass it up.

We already know he’ll be a genius.

We also brought a balloon bouquet to help decorate the hospital room!

Please ignore the deflating foot. I already had a meltdown and returned to Party City for a fully inflated replacement.

When we finally arrived, we were so anxious to see Henry again and hold him! Louis was hesitant to hold him because he is so tiny and fragile, so he was nervous he would hurt him. He settled for admiring him, while I got to hold him again!

Hi Henry! We’re your Aunt & Uncle!
Content with Mom…
More Lolli time!

Relaxing with Pop!
Handsome Henry 🙂

Louis was sweet enough to head back to San Antonio solo, so I could spend more time here bonding with my sweet nephew and checking in on Amy & Travis with my mom. It has been so great to be close by and see how Henry changes every day! Tomorrow Anne is coming over to meet him, so I will get to see her too! This week has been awesome, but I cannot wait to see Louis again! Friday my parents are driving me back to San Antonio (so, I live there now…but that’s another post for another time…) to see our new place and explore around the city a bit!

Time for rest, so I will be up for visiting Henry and his parents tomorrow! I can’t wait to see how he’s changed 🙂

Oh! And after Louis let me spoil Henry, he spoiled me a bit and bought me a new iPhone cover since mine probably had flecks of feces on it 🙂 (Side note: NOT my feces of course. The toilet was empty when my poor phone fell to its fate!)

Nice, new, poop-free Otterbox!

Also, our spoiling of Henry has JUST begun. In fact…I already bought him another onesie and a book today. Oops 🙂

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Henry Has Arrived!

My sweet, handsome, perfect, amazing nephew, HENRY ALLEN SCOTT has made his entrance into the world! He was born on August 31, 2012 at 1:34 PM weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and measuring 21.25″. I received a frantic call from my mom around 7:00 AM, and by 8:00 AM I was in the Scott’s car racing towards Houston! Travis’s parents were sweet enough to pick me up on their way to the hospital, so Louis could drive my Sunfire in after work. We just weren’t sure if his truck would survive the drive to Houston.:)

Once we got to the hospital we were able to chat with Amy and Travis for about an hour before we were ushered out around 1:00 PM, so Amy could start pushing! I ran to the restroom as soon as we left, which resulted in my iPhone falling out of my back pocket into the toilet and breaking. (That explains my lack of what would have been a disturbing amount of instagram pictures of Henry that day.) I was sitting with my dad and Travis’s parents trying to get the toilet water out of my phone when suddenly Mrs. Scott received a text message from Travis. HE WAS HERE! And he. was. PERFECT. We gathered outside the delivery room enthralled by the picture of Henry and waiting for permission to go in and see him.

Waiting outside to meet Henry….

He was definitely worth the wait.

Lolli was the 1st to hold him after Amy & Travis!


None of us could take our eyes off of him.
Meeting my nephew!

When I finally got to hold him after the grandparents, I was so nervous! I sat down and let him be placed in my arms, and as soon as I was holding him I felt SO happy. He was just so perfect, and after the months of waiting for him, watching Amy grow and grow, see them complete his nursery, feeling the urge to buy every onesie I saw (I still have that feeling actually…), and being so anxious for him to arrive it was just so surreal to hold him in my arms. I could not stop admiring his eyelashes, fingernails, fingers, toes, toenails, ears, nose, lips….all of it! I could have stared at him for hours.

…and I did.

After Amy and Travis gratuitously let us pass around Henry, he was finally returned to his mom. I still cannot believe MY Amy is a mother! She was so amazing throughout the pregnancy, the labor, and the birth, and I can’t wait to watch her and Travis raise my sweet nephew. 

Up Next: Meeting Uncle Louis & Gifts!

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