A Tour of Lolli and Pops


Hello friends! Today, we’re going to take a little tour of a glorious gourmet candy shop that recently opened at La Cantera, Lolli and Pops.


With its succulent filled window boxes and old-fashioned globe light fixtures, you can’t miss the precious, mint colored store front. Upon arriving at Lolli and Pops, you are greeted by an adorably dressed employee who offers you some scrumptious sweets.


While you munch on whatever delicacy they offered you, you spot glass cases full of decorated truffles and decadent fudge.


You will probably be stunned into silence by the wonder of all of the beautiful delights that surround you. Just pause and take it all in.


If you become choked up with emotions, look to your left where a freezer is full of delicious old-fashioned sodas to quench your thirst.


They have everything from classic Coca Cola to Avery’s SODAsgusting “Kitty Piddle” flavors. (It’s actually a delicious orange and pineapple combination…I don’t think it’s possible for anything coming out of Lolli and Pops to be anything short of amazing.)


If you turn to your right, the walls are covered with international sweets from several different countries.


At first you’re probably like, “Oh, nice to meet you, international candies.”


Then, as you turn around, you’re greeted by an entire wall of Texas themed candy.


And you remember, “Oh ya…I live in the greatest place in the world. No need to branch out to other countries.” Yay, Texas.


Once your head stops spinning from traveling around the globe, you’re greeted by adorable chalkboard signs leading you into the vintage candy room.


You can hear the yummy candy calling your name…


You can smell its sweet aroma beckoning you…


Then suddenly, you arrive in another candy hub! This vintage room is overflowing with classic candies that you grew up with like PEZ, candy buttons, and every flavor of jelly bean.


You could probably spend all day just chowing down and living life in this room.


However, your heart knows you have to continue, so you venture further into the chocolate room.


Resist your urge to frolic around the shelves of every color M&M, chocolate covered nuts, coffee beans, and more! Or don’t.


Suddenly, on your chocolate filled journey you are stopped in your tracks by a larger-than-life golden gummy bear. It smiles at you, beckoning you to taste the miniature versions of the statue that are created with real fruit juice in flavors you haven’t even thought of.


The gummy bear mecca is surrounded with sweet and sour gummy candies all gathered in one place for your enjoyment. There’s a solid chance I could live comfortably for weeks in this room.


By this point you’ve probably gathered nine pounds of candy in either cellophane bags or an adorable mason jar Lolli and Pops provided for you. You return back to the front to assess the damage on your wallet where you realize the preciousness of the store continues into their package branding.


Suddenly the price of what you’ve acquired doesn’t even matter because you know you’ll get to transport it home in an adorable gold-rimmed box or a classic mint bag. You’re practically begging the employees to take your money.


You may want to save those paper bags though, because trips to Lolli and Pops can become quite addictive.


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  1. We LOVE Lolli and Pops! I saw your post shared on their page! Are you part of the San Antonio Bloggers Group? It’s a network of 300+ local bloggers. If you aren’t and would like to be, please let me know and we can connect on Facebook so I can add you!

    Best, Amanda

  2. which way to the gym??? snazzy site; great gifs & rhythm twixt txt & image….who wrote all that dynamite copy???

    gummy bear grandpa

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