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If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love classic red lipstick. So when I saw this beautiful red released with wet n wild’s Limited Edition Fall Collection, I couldn’t pass it up.

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This shade, How Fleek is Your Love, is one of four Color Icon Matte Liquid Lipsticks in their new collection. First of y’all, the name? So dumb and weird. I cringed just typing it. However, a lipstick by any other name would be as beautiful. Or something like that.
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Poorly misused quotes aside, I’m trying to express that I love this lipstick! The formula is a true matte that dries down only seconds after application.

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The color payoff is amazing and completely covered my lips in one coat. This is a classic blue-red lip that will flatter any and all skin tones! I think it makes teeth look whiter, also! wet n wild How Fleek Is Your Love 9.5

The applicator is a fuzzy, doe foot wand, that made application relatively easy. The flock on the applicator was a little long for my taste, which meant I made a few mistakes applying the lipstick. It is also curved in towards the tip, which I’m assuming is to allow more product to be picked up there. I was able to cover almost all of my lips with one swipe which was nice. wet n wild How Fleek Is Your Love 9

I would definitely have some tissues, concealer, and/or a lip brush on hand to help clean up any mistakes you make. This product dries FAST and is LONG wearing, so try to remove any excess/accidental lipstick you apply ASAP!

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However, since it sets down to a matte so quickly, bleeding wasn’t an issue for me. Hooray!

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It also doesn’t transfer. It stayed on well for several hours. I was able to drink water, but it started flaking oddly when I tried eating with it on. It sort of came off in tiny little chunks, but not off completely. It would have definitely required reapplication though!wet n wild How Fleek Is Your Love 10

In fact, I had to use a lipstick remover to get it all the way off! This lipstick remove from e.l.f. worked great. Just beware before you apply this stuff that it is HARD to remove without a product designed to do just that. Otherwise you’ll be scrubbing your poor lips raw!
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All this jabbering and I haven’t even mentioned one of the best parts! This matte liquid lipstick only costs $2.99! YES. UNDER $3. Unreal!

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It’s unfortunately currently sold out on wet n wild’s website. However, it is sold at HEB, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other retailers. Wet n wild also has a store locator function, so you can see where to purchase their products in your area. wet n wild How Fleek Is Your Love 12

If you don’t see it in the regular wet n wild section of your store, check end caps for special displays, since this is a Limited Edition collection. And trust me, their collections sell out quickly! I bought everything I wanted from the fall collection as soon as it showed up in my HEB, and the next time I saw the display it was totally empty! If you want something, snatch it up when you see it! wet n wild How Fleek Is Your Love 13.5

As you can tell, I’m pretty enamored with this wet n wild Color Icon Matte Liquid Lipstick! The price can’t be beat for the quality! I think it holds up well against higher end matte liquid lipsticks for a fraction of the cost.wet n wild How Fleek Is Your Love 13

I purchased more from the wet n wild fall 2016 collection, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on those products soon! I hope you’re all as excited about them as I am!

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